Friendly Fire Suggestion

I honestly think that they need to remove friendly fire as standard to all difficulties and add it in as selectable reward modifier that can be toggled when choosing the level. That way with randos you can keep friendly fire off and go for the smaller reward, or group together with friends and go for the larger ones. As long as they make sure that you can only get an emperors chest with friendly fire on, I dont think anyone would really complain.

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You would then either have to remove friendly fire games from quick play (since it would be a non standard option) or have a separate quick play queue. This would split the playerbase more than needed. Keeping both in the same queue will lead to players not accustomed to friendly fire being a nuisance.

Most players get used to it rather quickly and adjust their playstyle accordingly. If you are having troubles, you may need to use melee more, consider that even with the elf your ranged weapon is your “secondary” weapon.

I think a lot of players would be annoyed at how removing friendly fire trivializes the higher difficulties. It really does add challenge to the game, you cant just pump arrows into a horde through your team - you have to work around them. Try throwing a bomb at the front of a horde with and without friendly fire, the difference is staggering (save vs sabotage).

Hell no! One of the main Elements is to think first and then go into Action, your basically suggest to remove that Element. Besides that it already exists with the lower Difficulty´s.

The problem with it is that so many people are having issues with it in Quick Play. I think it would be fine to let me opt in or out of it for better loot. And no I’m not having issues with friendly fire, I may hit someone with an arrow once per game as Kerillian because they jump while I’m shooting over them but I tend to apologize verbally in chat box when I do so, so that I can make sure I be more careful later on. I’m just tired of seeing the 20,000 threads complaining about friendly fire on the steam forums. If the game is easier for other people but they are getting less rewards, why does it matter to you Acrony? How does it personally have an effect on your gameplay ability?

It affects gameplay ability in a multiplayer game when it splits playerbase. You can already go without friendly fire for lesser rewards - just set the difficulty to recruit or veteran. What you are in fact asking for is better rewards for playing without friendly fire than you can currently get without friendly fire.


That is silly just to offer that as a Procrustean solution. Ofc all players want to have equal stab at the higher difficulties to get the “phat loots,” quicker, but Fatshark need to pull their heads out of the sand and figure out that they need to reverse their position on supporting this quick matching feature and to bring back NO FF add on back to the added bomb radius

By Taal, please don’t bring this awful trait back into the game. That trinket was ludicrous.

Oh, look, its one of these illogical boys that they listened to instead of the more reasoned and seasoned players… That’s cute you feel that way, but I dare you to actually substantiate your sentiments. :smile:

This or…ppl will actually learn how to play.
I choose the second one.

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I wouldn’t say a trinket that eliminates a gameplay aspect that’s present only on harder difficulties is particularly good design.

You see, the thing is, it enhanced that aspect of gameplay as it taught people to use better item synergy. Plus, its just a reducto absurdem to say it eliminated all FF because typically you will just have one guy in the team running it as the designated bombardier…

So, yeah, that case doesn’t really hold water. Also, I find it amusing that people never really seemed to have an issue with it when it was first introduced in V1 many moons ago.


In all honesty, bombs used to require skill. You couldn’t just throw it at the front of a horde, you would half kill your entire team. So you need to throw in towards the back (may require jumping), or if you are more tactful - at the wall such that it still clears most of the front row but doesn’t damage an ally.

Removing FF at the same time as increasing the radius meant that you could delete entire hordes with careless throws. You could just toss it at your feet in a panic when an ally gets downed. This trinket removed all skill required to use bombs.
Why don’t you just sit back and watch some player with bomb radius/bomb dupe trinket solo the Horn of Magnus finale. Go ahead and Alt-Tab to browse Reddit. Seems like a great way to enhance the game don’t you think?

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Time playing game =/= player’s actual skill level nor reasoning skills, clearly. :smiley:

I mean honestly, there are plenty of people who can just clock up hours and never even truly know how the game mechanics function etc. Also, you just assume out the ass about every person who uses the trinket in the first game behaving precisely as described in your cherry picked case.


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The problem is that veteran is incredibly easy for most people and thats why you see all the salt all over both forums about friendly fire. There needs to be another stepup without friendly fire to keep people from complaining.

I am pretty sure in V1 everyone that had 1000h + was kicking a**. There are only limited mechanics to learn, they need time but you will learn them.
Saying smn with 2k hours in V1 is not a good player is simply ignorant. There was a problem with lvl 100ish players running ahead thinking they can solo cata and died to an assassin, but thats far from 2k hours gameplay.

in all my years of gaming experience, a bad player will always remain a bad player, no matter the hours put in.

if people don’t learn from mistakes or are not constantly trying to improve, no amount of gameplay is going to make a difference.

I do agree in some extent to

But 2’000 hours is more than enough to get “skilled” in a game. Dont forget that skill is nothing less than experience and practice.

Yeh friendly fire at the very least needs to be made more apparent before and during a mission.
When I started doing champion I had no idea that friendly fire existed as the voice interactions for friendly fire went off in veteran even tho there was none.
Also the sound and reticle colour of hitting teammates is identical to that of hitting a crit so players who don’t know better just think they are getting a bunch of crit hits when really they are hitting their team.

i really have to disagree. there’s a reason why there are musical child prodigys who can perform by the age of 8 in front of a large audience, but if you give a random dude 30 years to practice on that instrument, he might not ever attain that level of skill.

i think this is part of a larger debate ‘Nature vs Nurture’ tho, really interesting to talk about. hehe.

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