Enable FF on Veteran

Here me out.

People are joining Champion with no experience dealing with friendly fire. It’s not that Champion is too hard, it’s that people are playing 20-30 hours on Veteran and conditioning themselves for a different type of game.

Turn Friendly Fire on in Veteran but make the damage something to the affect of 1/2 a hit point. Enough to trigger the character voice lines and screen flashes without doing so much damage to actually make Veteran much harder.

Also add a description in the difficulty meaning stating such.

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I don’t think that’s necessary at all. Friendly fire on Champion doesn’t even do much damage, and you’re really just being asinine if you’re getting salty over your teammates shooting you now and then, unless they’re just constantly doing it. And if they’re constantly doing it and won’t listen to your advice to stop, then just find other people to play with who aren’t ridiculous.

I’d say make vet have zero damage FF. Shots would be blocked and would encourage you not to shoot through allies.

i definitely would like to see it added , even if it just blocks shots and does chip damage.
i think ff would be a good way to rein in the current range spam meta , as well as getting people more ready for champ +

I don’t think the current setup is outright bad but I think stupidly low friendly fire on Veteran would be the best way to teach new players about the concept. A player who starts on recruit has enough to figure out already when you consider tomes, how ilvl works, blocking when rezzing, and all the other things that aren’t immediately obvious. When they move to veteran they’ve started to feel more comfortable with the game and are looking for either better loot or more of a challenge, this is a good time to introduce the concept of friendly fire without giving it enough teeth to be a real hurdle.

I kind of like this. Being unable to fire through teammates (but still deal no damage to said teammates) would be a decent way to start the training process of “how not to FF”

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