Friendly Fire discussion

So, I just completed my first Champion run through. The elf, amazingly, was the one complaining about friendly fire toward the end.

My thoughts:

  1. Remove friendly fire. I don’t understand why this is in the game at Champion and above. It is not in the game at Recruit/Veteran and the game can be challenging enough by the sheer difficulty and lack of resources. Friendly fire, in my opinion, does not enhance the game at this stage.

  2. Instead of defaulting to friendly fire at Champion and above, make it a ‘mod’ to mapping via deeds or something like that.

  3. If you are going to keep friendly fire in the game, you need to let the player know before selecting Champion. I joined the game, not knowing friendly fire was a thing until the elf was complaining about it 20 minutes into the run. When you select the game mode, it does not tell you that friendly fire is enabled. This needs to be detailed somewhere.

What are your thoughts?

Friendly fire enhances gameplay in that it makes positioning and consideration for lines of fire important, adding a new layer of depth - so I disagree with the ideas of removing it from those difficulties. However, I do agree that it could be communicated better.

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Without friendly fire, the game became too much easy, powerful ranged character like Sienna (but not only her) can just spam and destroy everything. I quote Tuo, ff is another layer of challenge because you have to improve your positioning skills to not hurt your team mates.

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where’s the melee friendly fire? I want a real challenge!

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Friendly fire is great idea that makes the game more challenging, especially on higher difficulty.:+1:

I dont understand why they couldnt just add one line of text to champ/leg difficulty that says:“FF is on”.:thinking:
Same problem with V1 and it was mentioned thousand times before.

If they ever make some proper system of deeds or bring back the good old bounty board, Id like to see modifiers like melee ff or increased effect of ranged/spells/items where badly placed bomb could cause wipe.

I agree, just boring…

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