Friendly Fire?

Soooo I’ve been skimming the forums and it seems there might be friendly fire in this game? TBH if there is I never noticed. But I definitely need to be made aware if that is the case. I’m sure I hit someone with my axe cause I never considered it. (I never played V1 so I’m not sure in that game)

So is Friendly Fire an actual thing? Can I swing my axe through my teammate to hit someone on the other side of them or will it just hurt them instead. I want to say if there is FF the game never told me.

Friendly fire exists from Champion difficulty upwards.

Ah, well thank you. I’ve only got up to Vet so far. Just didn’t want to be causing dmg to my team unintentionally.

Yes, Champion and Legend have friendly fire on ranged weapons, and Sienna’s AoE spells.

No FF for melee.

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FF on any form of ranged damage on Champ and above. By the way there is still FF on bomb is it ?

Yeah there is friendly fire for bombs too.

you will know when you hit friendlies on champion and legend, the characters will moan about it or insult your aiming (which is really cool lol)

not sure if they complain about bombs, but there’s definitely friendly fire for those.

Do active abilities that cause damage (fire walk, trueflight, etc) cause FF damage? I played Cata in the first game so I have no issue with ranged FF, but if the abilities cause FF I might need to practice using them safely a bit on Veteran.

aye, they do

Good to know.