My feedback after 300 hours

I like the game and classes are fairly balanced, mostly depending on players skills.

Here is what I would like changed:

  1. If host rage quits (100% because hes a bad player) I still want my xp.
  2. When game crashes/freezes, which happens maybe 1/20 of all games. Enough to be annoying, I still want my xp.
  3. Separate friendly fire from enemy fire in stats. Let me block players that do too much friendly fire. Mistakes happen sure, but some players are just incosiderate, bad players that I should not have to deal with if I dont want to.

Other than this, good game!

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I would really like to see friendly fire stats as well. Also things like damage blocked, enemies pushed, and teammates healed would be pretty sweet and encourage those behaviors.


I second friendly fire stats, the amount of times my Slayer is being burnt or hit in azz with arrows sometimes makes me want to quite a game. Many time on Legend I had situations when Sienna player (Worst ones) just needed to get that extra kills on horde and she burnt 30% of HP because “I WANT THAT GREEN CIRCLES!!”

FF stat MUST be added. No doubt.

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I would say now with 1.0.5 friendly fire is most of the time negligible unless someone is really, really bad at aiming. Adding FF on the score screen is one of those things I have my doubts about as it will probably fuel abuse and general idiocy common among the gaming community.


It will allow you to see those idiots who do a lot of FF and kick them or block them. Imo it’s good.

Imo they should change green circles to RED CIRCLES for stats like damage taken and Friendly Fire.

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FF stat would be very good and also ignore list, as I’ve stated in my own thread.

Like everywhere else, the statistics you see are meaningless without proper context. Imo.

I agree fully , though id like a FF stat (to monitor my own mistakes) i know ppl will become jerks about this and increase toxicity , also the FF will always be relevant , oh did your kerri run in front of my beam snipe when i called out i had that special ? Oh was your slayer so dead set on fighting the horde when he could clearly see i was using fireballs to clear them out ? Just a few examples .

What’s the “proper context” for Friendly Fire?

Well, suppose you have a really good teammate who saved you from disablers throughout the game. He might have topped the FF chart. The score screen alone would make you think he was a bad player. Suppose you have a player new to higher difficulties still adjusting to positioning. He might walk in front of you consistently and you might top the FF chart. Does that mean you’re bad? Nah. Suppose you didn’t even notice the FF that much, especially with temp health, but you see someone got the FF at the end of the game, as someone always will. People will start abusing each other when they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Another example would be damage taken. Suppose you play unchained with a 40% health buff. You might consistently top the damage taken category without actually dying in game. Does that make you a bad player? Not really. Maybe you did in fact make some mistake and take otherwise easily avoidable damage. The score screen doesn’t tell you that. Suppose the Unchained use her ult a couple of times as a panic button to save a teammate or even the run, and somehow ends up getting most FF. Is that bad?

Everyone has heard the saying ‘context is everything’ and for good reason. Now these are just examples, naturally there are players who troll or don’t exercise due care, but you don’t need a score screen to show you that.

Example you gave should not give more FF Than 200-400 dmg at max. I am talking at people who would top FF stat by 800-1500 damage. Saving from special and miss few shots that sadly have to hit teammate is ok, happens for better cause- but that won’t make a stat go high.

As for Unchained- it’s simple, just make her self damage not count towards damage taken at the end stat screen and no problem.

The scoreboard is already in a veeery bad spot and your suggestions all tend to make it even worse.
How about a mod, FF is returned to the player dealing it, not the player that gets shot at.
I agree with everyone having concerns, since a loot of people adapt their playstyle for the kills and damage dealt on scoreboard, meanwhile no one cares about dmg taken.