Friendly Fire/Real-Time Scoreboard

I’ve already seen a lot of people talk about this on the forum and I’m sure it’s already in the works; I just wanted to make a thread about it.

It would be cool to have the friendly fire damage given/taken amounts at the end of matches.

I also have a question: would having a real-time scoreboard during games (TAB) work? I’m confused about being able to hit in the thousands on dummies in the citadel, and have a final score of ~3,000-5,000 at the end of matches. I’m assuming it’s because the “hidden” numbers in-game are X/100 less than what you hit on dummies. Maybe there’s a way we could see the damage above the heads of the enemies we hit in-game. It would be a cool/useful feature to have, and could have toggle on/off in settings.

EDIT: The in-game numbers should be consistent with the end score; whether scaled up x100 or not, the end-game score should reflect the numbers you see in-game.

Thanks for looking.

yes your assumption is correct.

they did actually change the dummy numbers to match the actual in game damage numbers, there was a lot of complaints so they changed it back. i know i know people eh?


Haha, yeah yeah, people.

If the damage on the dummies is x100, the end game score should also be x100. I get why having inflated damage could look weird, especially since a final score of 5,000 damage would actually be 500,000.

All I’m saying is that the numbers should be consistent, OR there should at least be a notation on the scoreboard that damage numbers shown are x/100 less than reality.

The last thing this game needs is MORE scoreboards. It’s bad enough as it is.

Friendly fire statistics should be put on the end of match scoreboard though for sure (although ideally the scoreboard would just be done away with).

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this is an opinion i can’t back. the scoreboards are an indicator of performance, however you want to interpret it, but it’s raw numbers which satisfy the statistical hunger that gamers can have. take that away, people won’t be happy.

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When you’re on a failed run you joined mid match and your waystalker: ms healing-vacuum mcFriendlyfire has 5x more damage taken then everyone else complaining about how they have the most kills (by about 10), the scoreboard can seem a bit dumb.

It just promotes selfish play like wasting your abilities to guarantee your stats.
I’d really like an option to turn it off completely.

I would really like to see a friendly fire score on the scoreboad i think i would help a lot of Players to improve thier playstyle with ranged weapons .
I know some people that like to Play ranged weapons in this game and this is totaly fine for me but often they dont notice how often they Hit on teammates or just keep saying things like “it was just a little bit " or " it cant be that much”…
When people see the real amount of dmg they did at the Ende of the game to the Team, they maby focusing next time more to hit less.
And i Think the comunity can just benefit and it does not hurt anybody to get more data to the the playstyle, if youre not interested dont look at it.

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N-n-necro post. Thus thread is a year old mate.

But, to answer your statement, their is a mod for the score board which shows FF and tweeks a few things.

It really is just a little bit and it doesn’t do that much. The most FF I’ve ever seen in a game was 200, that was with a UC throwing fireballs and bombs at us the entire game. The FF weapons that people complain about the most, cough hagbane cough, actually do the least amount of damage. But I do agree, it’s annoying but most of the time it’s not on purpose.

Also, I used a mod to turn my crosshair green. So I don’t even know when I FF anymore… muwhahahaha

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Real time scoreboard is a big, big no. There are enough people farming for green circles at the end of the match, I don’t want them drooling over themselves in the middle of a boss fight.

For the end scoreboard, I wouldn’t care, but a lot of people love seeing it; I got my spousal unit to play and it’s one of her favorite parts. So taking it away would be really stupid. It should have some different stats on it though. Friendly fire is an absolute must. Healing Taken and Healing Given (green health only) would be good to have as well, so we can shame whoever’s soaking up all the healing items :stuck_out_tongue: and so heal shares get some motivation.

We can easily make space by merging ranged/melee kills, and getting rid of the elite kills column. Those don’t really say anything valuable about performance.

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I take it you don’t play legend? I can agree with ranged/melee, just have a weapons kills line. But elites and specials are useful information to see how your build is doing, and if you’re actually playing properly. When I see 50+ elite kills and 20+ special kills on my waystalker, I know I’m playing my build correctly.

And as I said, their is a score board mod which added FF and fixes a few things. To the earlier statement of showing true numbers on cards, it would get a bit insane. During legend deeds you can be hitting 50k damage, that would be what? 5 million? Gonna stretch out the score board.

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Sry forgot to say im on xbox so theres no mod for me :slight_smile: i know its not on purpose most of the time but i think it would help ppl a little, at least give them the Option to improve thier awareness .

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