Damage numbers and decimals

So, on another thread, right after launch, I complained that I didn’t like the change they made in the damage numbers to the decimal system. However, this was mostly because I had gotten used to the other system and the change just made it harder to keep track of how much damage I was doing and it seemed as if it wasmade for no reason. But a dev commented and told me that the dummies were just showing the damage numbers wrong in the first place, all they did was fix it. That is why in the beta the dummy said you did 1000 damage per hit but at the end of the match you would only have like 3k damage. I accepted that and over the past few days I got used to the decimal numbers.

I don’t want to sound picky but can they just make up their minds and keep it one way or the other? Its the actual act of changing it that bugs me because you need to get used to the math each time. Granted, its simple math just moving the decimal over but still.

Personally, regardless of whether they go with decimals or not, I would like the damage numbers done to the dummies to reflect the damage numbers I actually do. I don’t want to see 16000 damage on the dummy with a headshot from my longbow and then see I did 5k total damage at the end of a match. Consistency is what I ask for.

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The decimal system is the same as damage you do in a real game. It’s not that difficult to add two 0’s in your head if it makes you feel better.

This morning they patched the game so the dummies don’t reflect the decimal numbers anymore. This is what I’m saying. Regardless of whether they use the decimals or if they use thousands, I would just like the numbers to reflect actual damage done in game.

And I know this is a small, low priority issue, I’m just giving my feedback is all.

Oh lord they did switch it back, my bad…

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