Consistent Health and Damage Numbers

One thing I always wondered about, was the inconsistency of the numbers from damage done and health of all enemies and heroes. The leaderboard always shows real damage output multiplied by 10, as far as I know and please correct me, if I’m wrong. The same goes for damage taken and boss damage. The damage done on the dummies is also multiplied by 100 (or 10, not sure right now).

My question therefore is, why are different decimals used for damage and health?
I would say, it would be better comparable, if all would just be on the same level. I know, this is nothing with top priority, but I think it would lead to less confusion.

I’m sorry, if there already should be a post like this or it was already explained, why the numbers are displayed like that.

No the score board is not multiplied to my knowledge but the dmg taken stat is a little bit strange (one time we all died right at the start an the 100hp hero took the most dmg?).
The dummies are missing the decimal point (x100).

The dummy numbers were fixed at some point but a tiny minority didn’t like it so they removed it again.

If you use dmg numbers, healthbars, bestiary, armory they all match with the numbers.

Can confirm that.

How did you died? Skip or fighting? ^^

Temp health counts too or is just a bug like:

  • The overhead attack from a CW did 300dmg and that appears in the “dmg-taken” stat, even if you just got 100hp.
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We didn’t do anything the rats gang***** us at the start.
And yes everybody died fully including all downed hp. Some sooner some later the shade (me) actually survived the longest.

So probably the player with the most dmg was an elf or sienna, if you got gb´d? :smiley:

Pretty interesting, but i don´t think, FS will care about that scoreboard.

Yes I was suspecting something like that. The thing is overkill dmg on rats is not counted for you.

This would blown out the Shade´s scoreboard. :smiley: 100% Shade pickrate incoming. ^^

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Thanks for the explanation, damage taken is really bugged. If you fall of a cliff, you get different amounts of damage for every hero and class. I have tested this some time ago.

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The damage taken will count the damage you take while you are down. So it’s the normal 100hp + the downstate hp - don’t know exactly how much it is but i think it’s a lot more then the normal hp.

As far as I know, the overkill damage is counted on both sides. On Damage Taken it’s quite minor, but as there’s a bit of overkill damage on every enemy done, it certainly does buff out some characters’ /careers’ Damage Dealt stat, Sienna with her AoEs and DoTs being the master at that side. Similarly, Damage Taken includes damage taken while downed (which can be a lot more than any taken while active, especially with some abilities), and a lot of the damage goes to temp health, which can usually be safely ignored (and allows careers like the Mercenary to get huge Damage Taken without ever going down). At least the temp health decay isn’t counted in that anymore.

No the score board does not count any overkill dmg as far as I know (tested alone).
So maybe if someone else dmgs it and you kill it, it might happen. Currently the spawn mod doesn’t work all that great in beta so I’m not going to test that now.

Ah, that would explain a lot. I had the mod installed, that shows health and if I remember correctly it was something around 350.

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