[Suggestion] Please make the damage numbers in the dummies match real damage

If you have mods like Numeric UI (Currently not working on beta) or Bestiary, you will be able to see the game’s actual damage and HP values. There is actually an unsanctioned mod that displays damage in a RPG fashion.
But what about changing the value multiplier in the Keep’s dummies? That would help players compare their damage to the HP of the foes seen in Bestiary.

Feel free to move this topic to the general area if you want, but I think this big patch is a perfect moment to add this little feature.


Well they actually did this once but people complained and they reverted it

I didnt really like it too at first but now i too would like it back

I personally dont get what you want them to make. I would like to see super armored dummy, making current unarmored dummy “chaos”, making current armored dummies “skaven” and adding unarmored “skaven” and some kind of “monster” dummy.

Thats would be great. I would no longer need to go to modded realm to see whats what.

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if i recall correctly it’s just multiplied by 100 or 1000

Yep, it’s multiplied by 100. It’s still weird having different damage numbers, and confusing for new players.

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