Info tab or option for it

I have been wondering about this since I got into technical beta. Why is it we aren’t given any information about our base stats and how properties on gear affect them?

Give us a tab in the inventory, where we can see stuff like crit chance, crit power, attack speed, resistances and so on.

Also, why is it the damage numbers on the targetdummies don’t really reflect our actual damage dealt? I hit a targetdummie with my Axe and I might do say 1300 damage, but when on a mission it only deals like 11-12?

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damage on target dummies have been multiplied by 100. this info was included in some patch notes before. v1.02 or something can’t remember.

the game is notoriously quiet about hard stats, i’m guessing because the design is based on intuitive combat rather than numbers. if you know that a gasrat dies from 3 arrows, and a clanrat dies from 1 arrow, does it matter what the numbers are? you can sorta build a whole damage table in your head where you know what hits harder than other things. I’m guessing that’s the main design of the game.

of course, having stats help.

Good to know about the damage multiplier on targetdummies - I must have missed that.

Intuitive combat is fine and all, the problem is they have introduced crit chance and crit power which kinda screws the whole thing IMO. It may just be me, but I like theorycrafting on gear, so adding a statsheet or info tab or whatever would be a REALLY good idea I think.

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