More Detailed Weapon Information

Not sure if i’m missing something or not, you cannot currently view many stats about weapons. You simply see their power and stamina as actual values, a small figure for their block radius, and general attributes such as Fast Attacks, Wide Sweeps, Crowd Control, etc. We also get numerical values for Equipment Properties, such as +15% Crit Power, +4% Attack Speed, or +10% Power vs Skaven. You have a system in the game to obtein more information, by holding Shift while hovering over an item. All this currently does is give you the range of values the Equipment Properties could take, useful for rerolling it.

Proposed change/addition: Can we please get additional information when pressing shift, such as Crit Chance %, Crit damage multiplier, attack speed, headshot multiplier, range (for qualitatively determining damage falloff), and possibly damage. Crit chance, crit damage, and headshot damage would be easiest, since numerical values are available. Attack speed doesn’t need to be exact, or correspond to anything, as long as it is some value that we can compare between weapons. Range can be the range at which damage begins to fall off, or the range that the damage hits half at (rounded), making it clear which one of these is being used. Damage would be harder, since it seems to depend on both Hero power and Weapon power, and can change per hit in a certain weapon’s combo, and per hero career path. I cannot find a good way to display this right now, but all that we would need would be some value that we can compare between weapons to determine how much harder one hits.
This would be about 5 extra pieces of information, and as i have said could be hidden under the additional information screen that you need to hold shift to see, to avoid confusing newer players.

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