[Suggestion] Character stat information

Ever rerolled all your items into Crit chance% + Crit power, felt good about how the results are going to be - yet always been left wondering what exactly you just did? You, me, and everyone else.

My suggestion; a quick stat overview of your character somewhere to see the cumulative properties you have, a simple visual breakdown of your stamina, crit, resistances, LIFE? knowing how much life i actually have would be pretty useful in planning my loadout. Etc

TL;DR, Character stat value window for easy optimization (and just plain curiosity quelling)


I’d second this.
One of the talents for sienna is +10hp every time you use ‘f’. But 10hp has no context because I don’t understand how much hp I have in total and need to experiment or look it up. Stats need context.

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The amount of times ive seen this suggestion. But cant upvote this stuff enough.
Just plan in 1 guy for a day to put something together devs… its literally the easiest part of your job and meanwhile the most important part of alot of games.

I agree for that. Just un little information of your stat is a good idea and helpful.

So i have a question. (Sorry for my bad english)

For exemple, if you have on your weapons (melee and ranged) 5 % crit and on your trinket too, you have 15 % crit (Only stuff include). But, you can hold in hands just one weapon. So your character have 10% or 15% crit?
The stat of your stuff is permanently activated or just for the selected item?

What properties are on your ranged weapon don’t count for your melee and vice versa.
You have 5% crit chance base, so with 2x 5% properties, you have 15%.

That is what i mean.

Thx Sasa.