More numeric stats pls

One thing that i always thought vermin 1 was lacking are numeric stats. Vermin 2 carry on the same lack. Dummys are better than nothing but honestly they are not enough. This stats are alredy present in game, talents say thing like u recover 10hp but how to know if 10 is high or low if i dont see my life total?

things i’d like to see

.number of healt point, possibly green hp on extreme left of the bar, total hp in mid bar and white hp on extreme right
. weapon stas, damage, number of targets, damage over time and time of the tick if present (fire, pioson), attack per second and/or damage per second, overheat generated if present, headshot and crit shot % of increased damage included crit headshot. Bot for normal and charged attack.
. overheat bar numeric amount, overheat discharged per second, damage taken during discharge, chanche damage proc or tick time
. amount of healt regeneration (kerillian passive, necklaces trait and so on) and temporary healt generated per kill/crit by talent lev 20 and similar effect
. knowing the % of fallof damage on ranged weapons
. class ability damage and cooldown time or other stats if present (amount of temp hp generated from kruber1 or % of increased damage from ambush for kruber2 for example)
. % of charge of class ability and coldown remaning before is ready
. % of life lack by carring grims
. boss hp stats

if someone got more stats he want to see in the game I invite him to write it here

. all talent/ability buff
. crit %
. sienna slow % during overcharge


Agreed. This is something that’s in every RPG. It’s so basic! I just want a character page that shows me my totals so I can plan accordingly. It doesn’t have to be fancy. I just want to know my crit chance, my damage, my total health, etc.

It would also be nice to know how much my skills are adding (such as Sienna’s Pyromancer stacking crit buff) and what my skills even do (not really sure what overheat does buff-wise… but it seems to make me attack faster/slower sometimes). Even if devs put this up on a blog somewhere with the basics details of actual numbers.

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right, syenna attack are slowed if she is overcharged, the % of slowing during a overcharge is a nice stats to know (i’m a sienna player) and i’m sure there are a lots of stats that i’m not thinking for other careers