Suggestion: Stat sheet

A simple, yet overlooked GUI…a stat sheet.

Total Health
Total Armor/Damage reduction
Total Stamina
Total Staminca recharge rate per second
Total damage/damage per second
Total Crit Chance
Total Crit Damage
Revive rate
Attacks per second

Things like that. How do I know how much an item is going to help me without a stat sheet?

Hero power isn’t very informative.

Stat sheet! We love numbers!


Agreed. It would be nice to have it in the base game without having to mod it in. I understand that maybe what the UI is going for right now is just an “overview” type thing, but there could always be an option to toggle in-depth stats for people who want to know

This game really needs to have some numbers put in! For example, upgrading the Foot Knight damage reduction aura to 20% in the talents seems good, but there’s no way of knowing what it was before. Was it 10%? 15%?

Every career in the game has several issues where they are missing out numbers and I think it’s ridiculous having to mod in such basic game elements. Not having the numbers isn’t exactly a major flaw, but it wouldn’t take much work to add them in and it would be a big help when choosing gear and talents. I don’t even know how much health each character has.

Hi there!
I’am agree to, friends and me needed to a character’s skill page, it seem to me strange that having numbered text on stuff but can’t see how the character have to.

Agreed, knowing what my stats are for each character would help with optimization or trying out different builds. As I think about it the more we have access to the more we can play with different builds and find the more interesting options.

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