Petition for Character Sheet Info

Would like to see if we can get more detailed information for our character’s. (I.E. overall crit chance, crit power mod, defense lvl, base heatlh, ect) This info would greatly assist in min/maxing characters for effectivness and provide greater clairity for what effects gear overall has. Also would be nice to see an effective DPS and Gear Power break down stat to see how much of an overall effect power levels have on game play.

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They don’t want to post it because it would reveal that the properties are mostly useless.

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Yes, yes, and yes.

So many of the talents are vague! So much information is hidden for no reason.

Mercenary Kruber has “an increased crit chance”. By how much? Huntsman Kruber has a crit aura. How much crit does it provide? Waystalker Kerillian has regeneration and a talent that makes it better, as well as a talent that grants regeneration to your allies. How much does she regenerate per second? How much is it increased with the talent? How does the group benefit talent work… does it only grant it when you have it, is there a maximum it stacks to on your friends, do they get it below 50% independently of your health level?

I have so many questions about all of these things… why is this information hidden from us?


does crit chance on a melee weapon work for crit chance on a ranged weapon? ie does it all go to a pool or does each weapon only its individual stats when in use?

Something like the character stats panel in Diablo 3 would be amazing.


It’s hidden because the numbers are tiny and insignificant. It’s basically a way to add something with the appearance of value into the game, but which doesn’t actually have any significant impact on it.

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It absolutely has impact lol

The idea that numbers are insignificant is a really bad one. I need to know data to make adequate decisions. Yes, I can just select a talent that says “make thing more good” but seeing the numbers behind it and judging whether or not it’s overkill - or completely useless - is very important.

I agree this would make picking skills easier, to suite our play styles better.

That’s not what the statement says. It says that the numbers on properties are mostly garbage, they hide it because if they showed the numbers people would realize that they dont matter and would reduce the value of grinding materials for rerolling, by extension reduce playtime.

How else do you explain the intentional omission of basic data? How many FPS games have you played that dont have HP values? It’s not like they forgot to add a bunch of rational numbers for people to optimize with.

Plus, it would be nice if weapons stated current damage (normal and armoured, light and heavy), attack speed, dps, crit chance, crit damage…etc. The whole “Power” vague stat is really annoying. Hard numbers, even if small, gives the players way more decisions to make. I challenge Fatshark to give us so much info we are back here begging for less. I have spreadsheets to fill out for god sakes.

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This isn’t an MMO. We’re not paying monthly to play Vermintide 2 lol

Look, you don’t have to admit that it would be a good idea, but there are a lot of people that want to see what exactly the numbers are for a lot of this stuff. If it’s all messed up and they don’t want to show it off then so be it, but it feels weird that they would intentionally hide things while simultaneously implementing a ton of numbers and percentages in the talent/subclass system.

I’m not sure why you’re so obsessed with numbers on gear. I never once mentioned those. I’m talking about numbers on characters, subclasses, and talents (as a start). That would lead to seeing how gear influences stats, but the bigger issue is that we have no idea how anything works with our characters - passives included.

5%, 10%, 1%/7s, 3%/7s, 0.5%/7s , yes, no, supposed to - coming soon with patch.

Also no idea and of course I’d like this, too.
Also elf 1h weapons have a hidden crit bonus. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where did you find this information?

Well, I did some testing this morning since the fixed the training dummies to show proper damage number. With a LVL1 kirilean at 15 power dealt 275 damage against no armor body shots. At132 power dealt 425 damage in the same conditions. Nearly double. So the perspective that the numbers don’t have an impact on the game I believe to be false. I also don’t believe the intent behind not displaying numbers to be that they have no effect on the game play and trying to hide, I believe it was merely not considered as in V1 the weapons on the whole didn’t really have different damage numbers, but thresholds. You could make a white weapon work in the end game and only be missing out on small tweaking ability and traits. But I believe with the addition of a Power Level were gear has different capabilities based on this number alone requires us to need this additional information that already exist in the game’s code. It just needs to be correlated and displayed. I also agree that skills are a bit vague and additional tool tip info would be a massive improvement.

Basically, weeks of experience and participation in the game and forum in the previous betas, where, amongst other things, someone apparently took a look in the code.
f.Ex. : this spreadsheet
So, a few tidbits that were true in beta, and might not be anymore:
Shade has a non-descript 5% crit bonus that is not a buff, unlike Kruber Mercenaries crit bonus.
Shade dualwield weaponsets have +10% crit chance.
Hero Power had a hidden modifier that made you stronger than the number indicated until you reached around 70. Then, at 200, there was a bonus that meant 199 power was 199 power, but 200 power was 225 power - this eroded over the next 100. Above 400, extra power has only half the effect.
The actual effect of power would be estimated as between 0.2% and 0.25% increased damage per power, so that at the powercap of 600 (which is actually 500), you’d deal twice the damage of when you started, more or less.
Regen was just painstakingly tested by someone. Oh, regen trinket was 2% / 10s.

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I have submitted the following to Fatshark’s Support Forum.

Good Day,
I would like to request to see the development team add a character sheet information for players to better understand how gear and talents are effecting play styles. Many of the skills in the game list an effected property with out any specification in regards to magnitude, duration. Players also are left unaware of where initial stats such as critical chance and critical power modifies begin and there fore not able to properly assess if it is worth while to invest gear properties and traits. The one stat that players do have is the character power level, which we do know how it is derived, but it is unclear how big of a difference exist from a power level 15 character and a power level 300 character. I assume there is a major difference due to difficulty restrictions based solely on this number.

Below are links to two discussion forms I’ve started to illustrate.

Fatshark Forum:

Steam Community Board: Petition for Character Sheet Info :: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Helmgart Keep - General Discussions

Please review the post in both these boards carefully. Some users are under the impression that stat’s have little to no effect and others are begging for various tid bits of information to be included.

I am aware that the priority for the time being to be continued technical support and development with patches but would be interested in hearing from the team directly regarding this subject.

Thank you and will continue slaying,

Kaiser Rikon

Yes, please.

Received a reply from Fatshark.

Hedge from Fatshark has replied to:

Petition for Character Sheet Information

Hey Kaiser Rikon.

We hear you, and others who are calling for this.

The game designers are very aware of the calls for a hero-sheet. They’re investigating the possibility of something like this or similar :slight_smile: