When is it planned to be able to see REAL NUMBERS in talents and classes stattistics?

Its is nearly imposible to see well what works and what doesnt work well since i dont have real numbers of most of the talents and damage i do on fights.

Not asking for floating numbers, but at least see in the console the numbers of whats going on.

Ive being doing some stats with my huntsman in the 1.0.5 patch and it really gets me nervous that the only place where i can see those numbers is in the Keep with dummies, and they dont work well at all. Not even numbers but traits like replenishing ammo when hitting in the head.

When is it planned to implement that? If its planned. Cause since lot of talents traits and even properties may not work well. And they should. I cant even help at all to localise which of them are not working well. How are we supposed to give a good feedback when we cant have acces to those numbers?

I was trying to do well stats of the huntsman and i really ended giving a **** cause Its not my job. I i cant spend so much time doing riddles to see each thing working as intended or not. Really hard to help like that. Only people that spend a lot of time will be able to do it. And im not getting paid for that, i paid for playing.

Enough that we are, players, realizing most “bugs” or “bad implemented” numbers in the game.

Sorry if i look pissed off but i am. Really makes me mad that the players have to find what works or not and dont have the tools for doing it.


Wouldnt mind a client sided in options toggle for your damage to pop up. Kinda wouldn’t mine two, one for you and one for party, but that’d likely just bring out the nerf-herd anyways.

My guess would be never. If modders do it and FS allows the mods well get some numbers. If not, FS wont add them. It was exactly the same in V1.

When Fartshark decides to allow modding.

It will be really hard to find bugs like that… :S

Thats the idea.

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