Please replace all vague terms with actual numbers

Im not sure if it was an intended design choice but the game uses to many vague terms instead of actual numbers. Which is a big issue for a lot of people that are looking for perfecting their build without having to go out of their inventory to see what actual impact a buff or debuff has on your hero.

The game needs a tab where we can see the actual stats a hero has, its also important to remove vague terms and add actual numbers to some descriptions. I have been sitting here for 30 minutes trying to figure out how much of an improved dodge the handmaiden has without seeing a big difference, even with the telent that further adds 10% compared to other heros, which shouldnt be the way i have to check the effects.

Dont missunderstand me im happy that Fatshark finally knows what they want Vermintide 2 to be compared to 1 but i as a player need more feedback to properly see the effects of each talent, passives and %.


One thing in regard to Vagueness is things like in the Talent Tooltips where it mentions “Bosses”.
Yet what exactly are Bosses? Are they people like Ribspreader?
Because on items we have an identifier known as Monsters for the Rat Ogre-esque opponents.

Also Infantry on the tooltips? Does that include the heavily armored elites and the odd specialists?

or does “chaos” include all elites,bosses,mini-bosses,specials and trash,or only trash or what?

this any many,many more questions will remain unanswered for a loooong time, if they ever get answered at all(unless by people who hack/disassemble the game in order to get to this sort of info)

to proof my point how vague everything looks ingame when you compare stuff.

For some reason the dodge is increased while having a range weapon equiped with kerillian but not the others.

IMPORTANT: All heros is only with Kruber, Bardin and Sienna.
Saltzpyres Careers are all different and the oposite to kerillian so he has an increased dodge with melee and not range. (not gonna upload a new picture for that thou)

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Oh yes please, I would like to know if I get just 1° radius more on my backstab or 25° at level 15.

Judging by the stat screen - no.

They wont. And I wouldnt mind if they hid all the meta info completely but they did not. Some of its there, some of it is outdated, some is flat out wrong and about half of it is missing. Theyve got this sloppy, half-assed, inconsistent UI/tooltip design that drives me mad.

what a winner.

what are you even doing here if you cant add anything to the discussion in the slightest

Im telling you the ugly truth. If modders add it, itll be there. If they dont or FS doesnt allow it, it wont be. Just like in V1.


seeing how many copys this game sold in only 4 days compared to V1 makes it not that far fetched to expect that the devs are going to invest more content and updates in V2 this time. I dont even understand how there are still people that compare V1 to V2, V1 was a dead end no mather what and it was obvious from the beginning.

Balance was all over the place.
The combat felt always off.
It had no replayability.
No Proper Progression.
No real modding support.
A bad Matchmaking system.
Conflicting Game mechanics.

Compared to V1, V2 is a solid foundation Fatshark can and probably will work and build upon simply because its in their own interest

Well, lets wait and see.

Currently I think that VT1 is (compared to VT2):
More balanced (characters are closer to each other in terms of power)
Has a better feel to the combat system (no skipped enemies, for instance).
Has more replayability (due to greater number of maps)
Has proper progression (player’s skill progresses, which is the best kind of progress)
Has currently better mod support (there exist actual mods) than VT2 & has “proper” mod support incoming
Has worse matchmaking, granted (lack of players is a big factor, though).

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YES! SO MANY YES!! This is the most frustrating thing in ENTIRE game. Not bugs. not 0.00001% red drop ratio. THIS. I dont even know - Fatshark just dont respect players of what? For the love of god why they hide everything? Why i cant see - how much hp im currently have? Why i need to datamine for my character hp number? Why i cant see - how much (for example) witch hunter ult have +crit? This is really really bad decision. And they MUST fix this.

I totally agree. We need a character sheet with exact numbers instead of vague terms.

Chikanuk The reason the drop rate for reds is so low is because there isnt enough quantity to support an increase, there only seems to be 1 red varient of each weapon, wait for them to add more and and the droprate will likely be increased as well, also my issue is based on the UI and i dont see where a UI designer could help with Bug fixing, crashes or drop rates of items, so why is it an issue to ask for more details in the UI when those dev rescources arent properly used currently anyway ?

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4% more crit chance
… on WHAT base value??

how will we ever be able to tell if certain things are worth going for without such information.

and I assume that some classes / careers have different passives like innate crit chance.
But who will ever know??

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