Question/Feedback to DEVS about Handmaiden(mostly)

Hi Devs, i have a few questions about the game.
I have over 60 hours of gameplay on Kerillian,including beta, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to make the Handmaiden career path work ever since. There were several bugs with her ultimate and talents in beta which i hoped that will be fixed upon release, but to put it simply they are still not.
1, The descriptions are vague(for example her passive: how much increased dodge? Not to speak about how useless this passive is with many ridiculous mob/boss hitboxes(looking at the troll, and the zombies with kitchen knifes hitting you from your spears/glaives max reach… like seriously), and compared to other classes “tanky” path. (talking about useless passive- uninterruptable revive when everyone using blockrevive including me…). Her stamina regen aura is ok, i guess, but its range is meh…So her passives should be reworked IMO, and also her health is the lowest among the “tanky” paths (even unchained has 150)
2,Her dash makes enemies bleed- this bleed dmge is simply non existant(today i had the opportunity to dash through a zombie horde on a champ run 3! times while kiting.(at 500 hero power)The conclusion was 0 death (not to speak about the lack of stun/stagger which should’ve been applied on hit), even with the lvl 25 talent(which adds dmge to the dash) at an other testing,this time on vet, no casualties, so i guess thats still bugged.
3, Also dash… it simply fails many times, but puts it on cd.(for example chaos knight in meele range, i start the dash but getting stuck on him without it staggering me before…the same issue with the troll…And the troll can vomit on you even if you dash with ult sideways immediately after that animation starts, even though the simple dodge usually works…)
4,The choice of weapons… To put it simply, i dont think there’s more viable choice for her than glaive>>2h sword>=spear. The amount of armored enemies(and bosses) after vet makes even the two latter mostly useless, so im using glaive since~lvl15.(Tried the other two later on, really not the same) The only thing that the 2h sword is better in is clearing hordes, but as you meet some armour you suffer. So DON’T nerf the glaive, adjust other weapons, to make them more viable.
5, Do you plan on adding a high elf champion? (white lion/swordmaster of hoeth/phoenix guard carrers for example)
6, Ingame friendlist(and ignore for those friendly fireing trolls on champion who refuse to use meele weapons and shooting your whole frontline in the back, while bombing and ulting you at the same time) and when you ask them the simply kill you? so you dont have to meet them again…) option, where you can see if they are in mission/and since when etc…
6,Friendly fire done at score screen, along with the tanked/blocked damage and heals on others in some form. This kind of feedback is required, i think.
7, A note to Hand of Shallya change: at least make it heal 35%max hp and not missing, but this change still killed this trait, so I wont bother with it anymore.
8, Still waiting for release notes, but if you cant/wont publish that at least write the DETAILS ingame to abilities (like waystalker hpregen/sec /5sec dont care, change with talent etc…), since most ingame descriptions are so vague that they can either mean a 10% and a 50% increase since many talents still bugged, and you still cant test them properly on the dummy…

So pls give the Handmaiden some love (or at least fix her, because her current state is fustrating to say the least).

Thanks for answers!

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