Handmaiden after over 119 hours

So I played Bardin to 30 and Kerillian to 30 now I’m on Kruber.
I got a PL for Bardin and Kerillian around 540.

While I find every class of Bardin somehow useful and good,
yes even the Slayer has his spot,
I feel that the Handmaiden is just underwhelming.
While the Handmaiden is a lot of fun to play,
dancing around the battlefield mowing down enemies
and even tanking by kiting waves, elites and bosses,
there is no real advantage of taking her instead of Shade or Waywatcher!
That could be easily fixed by giving her an aura that gives allies movement speed
or dodge range increase by 5%. instead of stamina regeneration.

Stamina regeneration sounds good on paper and I would leave it as a passive
but only for her and make her aura one of those mentioned above.
Stamina reg just isn’t something a well set up team of skilled players
or new thrown together players benefit a lot of because the first ones
know choke points, positioning and timing abilities and also what they have to focus on
while the last ones never really get to feel the support it gives!

I would love to see some change to this it would be really necessary,
other then that I’m having a blast playing this game!
All the best from a Vermintide fan! <3

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buffing the elf? are you crazy? she’s the most OP char in all the game, best tank/dps/ranged she need more nerf her stamina regen should only start when at 25% health


The Handmaiden dude Stamina not HP… lol


A 5% dodge range or movement speed aura doesn’t seem like it would do much of anything at all. That’s about as unnoticeable as buffs can get, even moreso than the stamina regen.

Her aura also has a pretty pathetic range, so 5% movement would just make it 5% harder for people who get left behind to catch up.


I was sarcastic since everyone believe elf is just op lol

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I have played exclusively Handmaiden for a while now, and I have to say that I disagree with you.

You are right that there are certain aspects of Handmaiden that are lackluster (increased Dodge distance is basically nothing, uninterruptible revive is… not uninterruptible, and basically something any class can do with block + revive).

However, Stamina Regeneration is hands down her most powerful ability. It’s amazing. It’s so damn good that if you were to nerf or remove it, it would completely destroy her and her kit. With the correct items, a Handmaiden with a spear, while having only 5 Stamina shields, can block + counterattack forever. Sure, Kruber and Bardin have more shields, but they run out of gas. Handmaiden almost never does. And it’s an aura, which means your allies benefit from it too if they stick close to you. Handmaiden is hands down the best tank for holding a choke, and making sure a horde never gets through. She will simply massacre them all where they stand, due to the spear having an insanely good counterattack with a very wide sweep.

She is exceptionally good at being exactly where needed, thanks to her Dash and endless stamina, which makes reviving allies in the most unlikely circumstances possible, and kiting bosses around for days. Not to mention, of all the tanks, her ranged options are hands down the best. Longbow is an amazing weapon.

Handmaiden does not need a buff. She’s fine. And what she absolutely does not need is a major, crushing nerf by removing her Stamina Regeneration aura. If anything, Fatshark should rework Ariel’s Benison to work properly as an uninterruptible revive.

Closing statement: Handmaiden is super fun, and super powerful. Don’t change her. Focus on helping those classes that actually need it (Shade, Huntsman, Ranger Veteran)


See? she’s OP, ironbreaker is bad compared to her lolol

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As a Handmaiden main, I agree with this. That being said, I’d like some talent buffs/changes, even if it means nerfing the stamina regen a bit. Handmaiden’s talents are really lackluster and if they were all taken away from me, it wouldn’t make a noticeable difference to my character and I wouldn’t really care. Compare this to a more well-designed subclass like Ironbreaker, Slayer, etc where you’re excited to get these talents because they really help you out. Needs some work.

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this is not true. i’ve had to defend the elf on multiple occasions because more people seem to think sienna is the king of everything. lots of people believe the elf is the weakest, which is kinda funny

different strokes for different folks

yay, counter arguments!

Maiden is pretty storng but for some reason feels meh when i play her. Maybe her playstyle is not my cup of tea.

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I havn’t played Handmaiden, but Ironbreaker gets 40% stamina regeneration for 2s after every charged attack. So you switch between Block-Push and Charged Shield push and never run out of Stamina as well.

for some reason i see plenty of maidens running around (i really think it’s purely because the armor is so cool)

Uninterruptable is poor wording, its unlimited stamina while reviving, with spear and +30% push/block (talent or prop) you have 360 damage immunity while block reviving, cept everyone and their mother seems to be able to push you around… interrupting the revive -.-

And 5 shields is 2 max stat properties or 1 and a talent taken up since spear only has 3 by default. Not saying it aint worth, just pointing out a bit of cost there, thats 2 stat “slots” that could have been used else where.

In general wouldnt mind the lvl25 3sec cloak being default and the talent extend it (6sec total, maybe less) or completely changed, or a simple 10-15% 3sec move speed buff, hell even a short delay in ai reaction, just something to counter the instant 180 b&^*%smack if you dash through a target. But thats my measily 2cents. O and fix the dash bleed, i rarely ever notice it even on recruit, let alone anything higher.

Make Kruber as your friend - 7 shields is maybe not exactly necessary but I love the look;]

Im a sad friendless pub runner, just me myself and i unless anyone cares to answer on mic.

Stamina regen isn’t good? lol

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She has a few talent choices that are pretty insigificant and pointless at the moment. Most of her is great though, so at least she isn’t an urgent thing to get to right now for the developers(while they deal with the plethora of other things the game needs tending to).

I don’t think this is necessarily wrong for the sole fact that Shade is in a really bad place right now compared to every other career in the game. Handmaiden is pretty good and Waystalker is okay(But a few buffs/changes would be ideal).

As nice as that would be, she already had bleed added to her active and the “stun” was made stronger. If you start adding stuff like invisibility and all of that by default, it would likely make her active too strong in comparison to other actives.

Everything I touch with the dash takes the bleed(armor will not be affected as you need to “hit” them for DoTs to take affect). Even on Legend it will kill zombies, clanrats, and marauders with a single dash. It’s pretty awesome.

In order to deal with this, I will hold block while going through things that are attacking allies(or just hold it when not using it to dash to something for a swing) as the wild hits of the AI tend to hit you otherwise.

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I’m a bit pissed,that when I take 10% dodge range on shade I have a longer dodge than Handmaiden with the additional 5%. What is Handmaidens passive dodge range increase?2%?

I do agree that haindmaiden talents haven’t much options. Also it’ll be nice if while she is in process of dash, she gets invulnerable state, so you may dash without blocking.

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