Handmaiden should have the beta version of Kerillian's regeneration

Just my two cents. I think since Handmaiden seems geared around supporting the team it would make sense for her to be able to regen more so that she can give the team her healing items.


Handmaiden should have it, and take it away from waystalker.

It just doesn’t seem like a logical design choice to give a range class such a strong defensive ability…


except her health pool is still abysmal and she’ll still die in 4 hits on champion or even less on legend. the stamina regen is unironically better than health regen in every feasible way for what handmaiden is supposed to be doing.

Agreed. Since it has been changed to regen below and up to 50% on waystalker anyhow I think this would be better assigned to handmaiden and her role.

Agreed, the regen is a wasted passive on legen 2 grim runs, be it regenerating always or at 50%.
If legend decides that its time for you to die you are dead and a regen passive wont change that.
Given how the other classes passives are just dont change hers and buff her talents / rework her active, the bleed damage is a joke on legend and the entire career is useless.

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