Kerillian is too squishy

The problem I have is; Waystalker Kerillian is squishy as all hell.

She seems to take more damage per hit received than most other classes and the regen was previously meant to offset this I assume? But since they’ve nerfed her passive regeneration into a useless talent now they haven’t increased her defense or health pool, meaning she’s now the weakest overall character, with mostly useless passives if you pick up Grimoires, her other classes are kind of meh (How can Shade backstab-crit-instakill when everything turns to face you except bosses which it doesn’t work on??? And what is the point of Handmaiden if she doesn’t have more tanky forms like Bardin-Ironbreaker, Kruber-Footman and Sienna-Unchained [But not Saltzpyre Zealot???] in their “tougher” roles?).

I’m not even going to mention the dumb ammo capacity nerf for purely ranged class/spec combos, the broken ammo regen talent which doesn’t work unless your health is -50% (fix incoming), because at the minute Kerillian just feels lacklustre and frankly lacking any of the fun that she was in the last Closed/Open Betas.

So for now I’m going to get her to 25 and then leave her on the shelf with Saltzpyre’s useless Rapier/Pistol, Salty’s non-tanky zealot, her own meh other two classes, and wait until she’s fixed, and if the nerf-bat keeps up I’m going to have to leave the whole damn game on the shelf until it’s fixed at this rate.

Comments, suggestions, insults and trolling aside (because you know they’re coming) I’d really love to get some developer feedback on what Kerillian is going to look like in the future please and how this class is hopefully going to get revamped

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Oh, common. Rapier is, probably, best weapon in the game great cc, mobility.
The only thing is, that pistol on rapier should at least kill a slave rat to the body, not 2 shots.

Kerillian has such a great mobility and dodging power, that you should not even get hit, at least with team that plays as a TEAM.

Not sure about zealot, i manage to actually miss singular rats with the flail, its my bad. Dont really know if he is that bad or its me.

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In my Champ and Leg games shes still on top of the game. Being the same character as she was in vt1. Shes as squishy as most other careers, with default 100hp.

Proof needed.

Its called button “F”.

I doubt you understand the point of Zealot.


Hitting enemies in the back
When your allies shove enemies, those enemies turn to focus at the person who shoved them. This allows other heroes to hit those enemies in the back.

That’s the easy way, you can also get behind them during certain of the enemy animations - particularly if they’re staggered in some capacity.

Handmaiden tanky form
Her “tanky form” is to take the improved stamina aura regen talent and other talents / weapon traits that improve stamina, stamina regeneration, block cost reduction, push / block arc, etc. When fully loaded up on tanky traits, she’s exceedingly tanky.


Yeah, have unlimited ammo and kill a slave rat with 1 BODY shot, totally not OP…

its not that fast to fire, slave rat would be ok, not clan rat tho.

Not like it would change anything, it’s just annoying.

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Witch Hunter Captain is more tanky than the Zealot in my opinion, he has the unlimited block thing against weak/normal enemies, add block area to that and you can block for days without using any stamina. I can stand in a hallway and tank the hordes by myself, tougher enemies I just dodge while still holding block, then a quick jab or shot to the face and they usually die fast.

Zealot has a lot of health but you always want to play at 50% or less health to get all the bonuses which makes him not so tanky. He has amazing crowd control and area damage with the flail though.

Not a flame, but you are not playing the class correctly. Waystalker is without a doubt THE strongest class in the game. Her damage is unparalleled. Her self-heal is still great, especially for legend difficulty. From my understanding, all heroes have the same base HP. Kerillians ammo is fine, her ultimate gives you back enough to keep going forever. Unless you are using swiftbow/hagbane which are both crap bows. Her tankier alternative is handmaiden who uses dodging as her main defense. Not really used her so can’t speak for her. I think the issue here is that people had such an advantage before the nerfs that they can no longer understand how it is to be closer to the rest, but Waystalker is still the beast of Vermintide.

oh thank god. i thought the whole world was against me on this. finally, some other perspective.

disagree that hagbane is a crap bow tho. it’s damage is very decent and it has extremely strong aoe cc.

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Perhaps, but nothing beats 1-2 shotting everything but chaos warriors and 10 killing per arrow during horde mode via piercing. :stuck_out_tongue:


I did not know this, useful to know.

She is literally capable of blocking and pushing a horde on Legend.

And to comment on the original OP, I think your perspective is heavily skewed. A too beginner friendly passive was nerfed (albeit nerfed too much), but:

  • WS is still the strongest anti-special by far, accurate and brutally quick with the longbow. OK, swiftbow and hagbane are virtually useless on higher difficulties (in my view, mind you!), and the longbow require some nimbleness and quick thinking to account for the falling trajectory. And get an orange with 1 ammo on headshots and you never run out of arrows (you get 1 arrow back per HS special + on average more than one arrow back when firing into hordes since you can penetrate multiple heads with one arrow + all the headshots from active).
  • HM is brutal at blocking and cc:ing a horde, and the active is great for helping out friends in need, but not as “tanky” as Knight or IB, which she shouldn’t be since she has a massive dodge increase instead. IB and Knight are “easier” tanks to play, since they fullfil the traditional tank = soak dmg role better, and HM forces you to shove, block and dodge. I.e. a “different” kind of active tank, rather than a passive tank.
  • Shade does unfathomable amounts of damage to bosses and other lumbering stuff. But, and this is a big but, Share requires a good team, since the weapons with the highest initial heavy hit damage (DnD and SnD afaik) are the worst at blocking. The glaive has the highest dmg for the second heavy hit (i.e. after stealth break), and the two-hander feels like is has a very narrow “to-hit-scan”, so to easy to miss the important backstab in a heated situation.

To answer some of the OP’s comments directly:

In my perspective a brilliant nerf, ammo should be used on specials, not trash, armoured or not.

One-shotting all trash (inc armoured trash), how is that not useful? Don’t aim for their feet!

I do not at all get your reasoning here, the most nimble hero is the weakest tank? Well, it is supposed to be like that?

As squishy as 9 out of 15 careers! Knight, IB, Zealot and Unchained are meant to take damage, it’s part of their opus!

This is the trademark of both Shade and WS! (And HM to a great extent, most HMs I’ve seen consistently deal more damage than Knight / IB)

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i gawk at this and other things in your post. the rapier/pistol combo is very versatile and the only thing it’s not very efficient at doing is handling a very large stack of enemies charging at you, which can be handled by retreating slowly or using your ranged weapon.

she takes the normal amount of unmitigated damage from enemies. i am unsure if barksin trait still works on her regen or if they fixed it. she would receive the same amount of damage as the other players without damage reduction aura from kruber or tank forms that reduce dmg taken.

i have no clue what you are talking about, this talent is godlike. if you pick up grimoires, any damage you take can be healed back up real quick. i am not talking about stormvermin strikes that hit you - that’s another thing entirely (you should be dodging or blocking those) i mean the unavoidable friendly fire or gas bomb or assassin pounce/troll bile spew damage types.

her weapon move sets are extremely agile and versatile, all other classes need some form of recovery period (reloading, venting) but she can just keep going on and on and on.

what i’m trying to illustrate is that, you have to consider that other players have found ways to use the class more effectively than you, and don’t write off a class so quick because you haven’t found a way to do so.

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i get that satisfaction =) but i cannot live without the option of stunlocking a bunch of stormvermin-and-friends about to gib my wizard with multiple heavy strikes. it really does a great job at thinning out stacked crowds that come in quick waves to give your party more room to breathe.

Worth noting is that Shade only breaks stealth if you get hit or hit something, so you can swing at empty space with charged-1, and then break stealth with charged-2 for extra high damage.


you ever heard of handmaiden completely broken at kitting hordes like they’re nothing with spear range melee attack, get the extra 10% dodge with the addintional dodge 10 handmaiden gets than get movement speed % on gear pretty OP and way better than krubers damage reduction since dodge makes u completly avoid damage.

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Her dodge bonus is nice, but its not massive/just as “good” as the talent shade one (especially not since dodge isnt actually invul frames just reduced hitbox and doesnt work in hordes/the point of aggro pull characters), and all characters dodge just as well on their dodge weapons so she is not “nimble”, what is great on Handmaiden is stamina regen which means “shove+hit that is slowed by trait” = half a shield is back by the next shove+hit if you animation cancel (or full shield back if you follow it up with another attack).

Only issue non waystalker elf has is that they lack actual passives since HM infinite block revive stamina just doesnt work vs anything where infinite block stamina would be useful for and shade lacks at least one passive effect just like slayer (everyone else has 2, Ironbreaker has 3 iirc).

heh, maybe you can help convince this guy.

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