Suggestions for the Handmaiden

So after quite a few games in Kerellian’s various rolls I have to say, every thing about the handmaiden is really underwhelming. This role is easily the weakest of the three. I don’t know if Kerellians healthpool is just lower than the other heroes but I really struggle to keep her up while playing this class. The passive at best is situational and at worst inane. I do my best to dodge wherever possible, but I find that I still get hit a lot… Some players claim this is awful hitboxes, I am looking at you Chosen, I think it’s more latency related.

Either way it doesn’t perform well. My suggestion is to replace the passive with the one for the Ironbringer. Considering that her Active basically has her wading into combat, I don’t see much else working. Regen requires not being hit, which is why it works for the ranged Waystalker. I would also suggest adding a brief period of invulnerability for Kerellian with the charge. I would recommend something like 3-5 seconds. Because she is just not built for melee combat like the set of abilities/talents seem to suggest.


Foreword: Sorry for the hasty and short reply.
I think when you get hit with her a lot, although she’s the most agile melee, it probably isn’t class specific. Not saying it’s all your fault, though, the phantom range on several enemies is really off and one needs a lot of training to handle it (which doesn’t justify how counter-intuitive it is).
For everything below Legend, I would suggest just equip op Spear with some stam on gear and use her stam-regaura to constantly spam push-sweep. With more room, you can dance with the heavy attacks, as they give you a great mobility. Dance around and don’t focus on one direction when fighting. You’re a dancer, act like it :blush:
Her ultimate does feel a bit weak yea, but it’s useful nontheless. An ally got downed or surrounded a bit off the team? Woosh, you’re there to revive and push, or just push if he’s still alive. Giving him room to escape. An ally got hooked and is pulled behind the horde and no one can shoot at it? Woosh. Pushsweep to kill the hook and keep the adds from killing him, then paddle with him to safety. A boss cornered you? Woosh, kite him around as your team kills the adds first. You were flanking a horde to keep them from flanking your team and pushing them more together for area attacks of your team… but then it became too risky for you? Woosh, back to the team. You have the 25 talent which forces enemies to not attack for at least 3 sec and your team wiped completly? Woosh to their respawn, as many enemies ignore you when wooshing and running out of aggro-range within the 3 sec.
She has a lot of uses. Furthermore, her stamina reg aura is pretty nice and given to the team (her other careers don’t give anything to the team (since ww nerf)), although only real useful on champion. Lower difficulties don’t need much stamina and for legend in an organized team there are imho better options for that player slot.

Like I said, I don’t mean to imply things are useless more like they are not competitive to how the other classes, both Kerellian’s and other heroes perform. My overall issue with the dodge performance is that it seems to be either an issue with the hitboxes performing inconsistently or latency related. Meaning it’s useless for players who don’t play with extreme low latency. My setup is designed to be low latency, I have a lot of money invested in my computer and the fastest, low latency internet. And I am still having issues. These are suggested improvements to make this class competitive at higher levels.

Forgot to add, I don’t understand why Kerellian’s ult. ability can be reduced by armor. If we could ensure it could work against armored it would be a touch more desirable.

Honestly she’s a supporting Tank. She makes the rest of the team a lot better and makes a Foot Knight or Ironbreaker even more unkillable and gives Unchained a reliable way to vent. She has lackluster talents but her aura is so good if you fixed them she could potentially over preform. She’s not a hero like Pyromancer, Bounty Hunter, ironbreaker, etc. but she’s crazy valuable. If anything I’d just fix uninterruptible revives and replace dash distance with a small revive buff

heh heh i’ll say it for you

it’s your fault!

this game, sad to say, is unforgiving on anything higher than 100 ping, because of the ultra precise nature of the game.

try hosting games ONLY. enjoy 0 latency. if you are still getting hit, it’s a matter of understanding why, and identifying and avoiding future occurences.

every game I play, I try not to get hit a single time (random friendly fire or some ground aoe doesn’t count to me)

if you get struck in melee with 0 ping, it’s a mistake, it can be avoided.