Handmaiden Charge rework suggestion


The handmaiden is really fun and all but her charge is quite awful compared to Markus’ one or the Zealot charge.

Just so you know:

Markus: Markus charges forward slamming into enemies and pushing them forward

Victor: Victor charges forward and gains 50% increased attack speed for 5 seconds

Kerrilian: Kerillian quickly dashes forward through enemies

How is that even fair compared to the others?

Here’s what I suggest to replace the charge

Whirlwind: Just like the skittergate boss, Kerillian does damage and pushes all ennemies in a 360° angle

Original, unique to the class and a lot more helpful.

Right now it’s almost only used to reposition, but you already have the dodge distance increased for that. So well, this would be a lot more fun to us and way more useful IMO.


It apply a bleeding DoT (can’t recall on what patch) even if not mentionned IG
Plus I think it’s on a smaller cooldown than the two other charge. I’ve been able to melt down some bosses with a Concentration pot (which she greatly benefit from) and dashing through them 5-6 times.

But it does need something more I agree.

I tried this “bleed” on champion (500hp), i dashed through zombies 3 times (the same bunch) while kiting them, none of them died, so i had to meele them down (and they die anyway from one attack from 2h weapons) so its either bugged or the damage on it is so pitiful that multiple dashes cant kill the weakest enemies in the game. Later i tried it with the damage talent on vet against skavenslaves, the result was exactly the same.

On Legend I kill clanrats/zombies/marauders with a single dash. They all bleed to death.

i honestly havent noticed any dmge on it, even tho playing her for more than 50 hours now.

I like the charge exactly as it is now.

Short cooldown is great!

Didn’t knew about the bleed effect, probably because there is no visual effect and the tooltip got updated only recently?
Feels still awful tbh :frowning:

The bleed effect is quite strong and can kill slaves or zombies easily, even on Champion or Legendary. A big part of Handmaiden’s usefulness comes from being able to reposition and clear space for allies, kite bosses and close gaps quickly. Her charge is in a good spot right now, and doesn’t really need adjustments. Although I kinda hope the bleed effect would stack on bosses so I could fool around with Concentration potions, but that might be too OP.

Handmaiden is a very good career right now, despite having two almost useless passives (Dance of Seasons and Ariel’s Benison). Renewal and Dash are simply so amazing on her.

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I think the only change the dash could use is a smaller turn-radius. I’d like to be able to dash forward into a horde, turn around and come back to my team, or turn quickly before going off an edge, or turn around a sharp corner, etc. At least in a circular movement if not 180 turning.

The bleed does stack. IN Recruit with 200 power it deals quite a big damage, not OP tho. Maybe it’s as strong in Legend with 600, but can’t tell

@nopunintendo You want her to… DORIFTO ?


I did not know this at all. I need to test it out on some bosses more then. Thanks for letting me know!

Been hearing about this bleed alot, but in personal experience, dashing through rats and bosses, I’ve yet to see any sign of it. Maybe its buggy, but again, maining maiden, have still yet to see any effect on recruit or vet, let alone anything higher.

Cue Running in the 90s music

Her dash is amazing, it one hits any normal tier enemies you pass through. It has low cooldown. It can make you invis for 3 seconds. Handmaiden is finally in a very good place. If any of you try to change my beautiful amazing Handmaiden you’re going to have to fight me first.

Its very obvious. Dash through any unarmored enemies, then turn around and watch them. They will gush blood.

Outside the lvl25 talent, have never seen any form of damage to fodder rats, SV, or mini bosses, on any difficulty, before or after the patch. Not saying its not a thing, as i mentioned ive read of it, just never it work myself.

I promise, its a thing. Next time you have a line of rats coming your way, dash into them and turn around. Within 3 seconds they will gush blood and drop dead. They changed the game so you can’t apply dots to armor unless you do initial damage, so without the damage talent at 25 stormvermin are immune. Not worth it tho if you ask me the invis is too valuable and the bleed already takes care of the chaff, don’t need more damage.

Not to mention, her dash knocks weak stuff down now. It didnt used to do that.

It’s a thing but it’s very inconsistent, used it a lot yesterday and sometimes it just doesn’t work. At least give it a better visual effect so we know if it’s working.
You should also add a tooltip “Dash doesn’t go through armored enemies”

It goes through them, just doesn’t apply bleed. And I have never noticed it not work, just know that it has a narrow area of effect. It hits things that you physically touch as you dash, not much to the sides.

Got stopped twice yesterday while using dash against Gunner and Storm vermine. So well… I assumed it was because of the armor or whatever.

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