Handmaiden overview

Her charge was actually made unique and useful in a recent patch. I think it was on the release date. It applies a bleed to all enemies you dash through. You will literally see blood gushing out of them. I’m at 600 PL and on Legend it will take down zombies, clan rats, and marauders in one go(making it feel as useful as other dashes). I’d say it’s pretty nice. Then at lvl 25 you can choose the “invisibility” for 3 seconds and it makes for a really useful tool to reposition yourself and take down specials or disrupt mobs, while dealing damage to whatever you went through. The cooldown is short enough that it feels really useful and can be used fairly often and for a multitude of purposes.

Her passives allow her to keep her block up more consistently which is nice to have. Her skillset really allows her to move around to help the team and deal with most situations effectively. The change to her dash better allows her to manage really THICC hordes. Most her talents feel useful.

Gladerunner and Shadowstep(movement speed and dodge distance) don’t feel useful at all.

  • The 5% movement speed even when coupled with a 5% movement speed amulet(for 10% total) gives a negligible bonus. If the bonuses were at 7.5%-10% it would definitely feel worth something.

  • The dodge distance increase feels tiny and would probably feel right at 15-20% instead, where you can dodge things a little better and reposition(but not go outrageously out of reach).

At 25, Bladedancer(damage on dash), unless it was changed, did so little damage it wouldn’t even kill clanrats. Utility seems to fit the Handmaiden well and with the bleed added already, I think it would be a perfect opportunity to add a cool utility option instead. Same goes for the cooldown reduction.
Ideas might be:
Next 3 shots from your bow are free(within a 5 second time frame or something?)
For 3-4 seconds after dashing, the next 3-5 hits are critical strikes.
For 3-4 seconds after dashing, all hits inflict poison.
Dash now inflicts a greater stun(even knocking larger enemies like chaos warriors and bosses down/back)
Dash grants 25-30% increased movement speed for 4-5 seconds after dashing.

Other than a few changes, I think Handmaiden will be an excellent career for the game and Kerillian.

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