Version 2.0

I hate it. I hate the changes to combat and the countless nerfs. Handmaiden was nerfed into the dirt especially. I just hate everything about this update and it marks the end of my time playing Vermintide 2. I adored 1.6, but this is just plain not fun to play.


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Good lord, how many hours of it have you played already? I’m impressed you’ve already experienced all of the gameplay so vividly that you can avidly pass judgement on every aspect of the patch, including the buffs to the shields. How dare FatShark buff those!

Oh, those shields should’ve never been invented! Fools!

Sorry, the extreme sarcasm aside, I don’t think we should pass judgement just yet. Handmaiden was a walking-god as it stood, nigh un-hittable with massive stamina reserves and able to clear almost anything without issue. She’s caught a few nerfs, sure, but that’s expected of any front-runner.

Part of balancing the game is moving the sliders up and down again. Moving people into and out of the spotlight. If you don’t you’ll never know what actually works. Experimentation is part of progress :slight_smile: I’m sure there’s more balancing to come and that we should hold out for it!


omg… HM nerfed? She’s probably one of the best classes now :joy:

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How did HM get nerfed exactly?


Well from my limited time i can say that the beastman enemies are still absolute crap fest like they were in beta and absolutely nothing was changed to improve them. Heck i’d argue in someways they feel even worse especially when it comes to the hyper density.

Honestly bit disappointed considering how much was said about them during closed betas.

she got buffed into oblivion not nerfed maybe you should polish your skills, constant 15% speed buff + 15%power when not hit(with a char that maybe is the least of any career being hit by anything if you know how to dodge and block correctly+you got invis. oh sh… ult) i’m really glad they made those changes; its the first time i can try several different builds on all classes and i’m sure that each of them will feel 100% different like having a unique carrer in the carrer(cant wait for melee only crit pyro with like 70% burning head uptime<3)

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The spear’s light-attack damage went down by a bit; .25 to .2 I think.

I guess that qualifies as a Handmaiden-only nerf; totally worthless class. Darn!


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