only nerf, nerf, nerf. None news. None buff. None tweak

Honestly I’m getting tired of these patches: patch after patch the game seems always the same… But with less variety.
It’s like if the logic behind them was “let’s nerf the strong things, so the ultra-hardcore players (those players that are louder) will be happy”.
And don’t get me wrong. In theory I should be an “hardcore” too… More than 1000 hours played. Every challenge (weaves apart) completed. Etc etc.

Let’s do some example.

You nerfed BW. You nerfed Spear. You nerfed Hagbane. I’m not here to say if these nerf are needed or not but… Where are buff? Do you really think that Ranger Veteran, Unchained, Handmaiden, Huntsman are balanced careers!? And about certain weapons? Every characters has only 2-3 weapons.

Do you think about consequences?

You nerfed BW. A career used by 99% of players during last weaves. She was the only solution to deal with broken modes that vomit on us tons of buffed enemies and where an archer cuts of 80hp and where the only strategy was kite, kite, kite while the flames burn.
These modes must be totally reworked.

You nerfed Spear. Now Huntsman is even more overshadowed by Waystalker and Bounty Hunter.

Why the game is still “Beastintide”!? You have to start reducing Beastmen’s number. Heavily.
Why Beastmen are still much stronger than Skaven and Chaos?
Do you think giving a lower range to Ungors is enough!?

None new free cosmetics. Just one paid cosmetic per career. Still missing portraits (BtU at Cataclysm, final events challenges at Cata).
I don’t demand new careers… but at least something!

You talked about the cooldown reduction. I hoped you finally fixed Resourceful Combatant (a weaker Swift Slaying). But NOPE… just another nerf.

I’m sorry about this “salty” and muddler thread… It’s an exaggeration in order to explain better what I’m saying (I know that there have been some little buff). But it seems that feedbacks are still totally ignored.


Specifically the frequency of Beastmen hordes.

I enjoy the flavor, but right now it’s like too much salt on a steak. I still need my Nurgle boys and ratties outside of Into the Nest and Skittergate.


There was actually loads of buffs with this patch. Multiple hit Temp HP got buffed, which means every Career that can use it now became way more fun and weapons that weren’t as viable became viable. Even RV got a huge buff from this. This also includes 1H Swords, and Sienna’s Mace, which is now really good. I was using Keri’s 2h Sword a lot before the buff, but now it’s just insanely good (H1 needs a slight buff in some way though, perhaps Crit% to synergize well with the way you build her 2H Sword).

MHTHP is now arguably the best THP generating Talent.

Most of the changes were justified or leveled out balance across the board, rather than certain Careers having 1-2 broken mechanics that can make them outperform every other Career. E.g. Shade/WS spamming Hag for spam Ults, or BW standing in deadzones waiting for all of the enemies in Weaves to die.

Kruber’s Spear had the stagger profile for Shield weapons on his heavy swipe. Not sure why you think that shouldn’t be nerfed when he has two Shield weapons that were made moot by it.

In my mind they’re leveling the playing field. Nothing is as absurd as it was, everyone has to pull their weight instead of one person soloing while 3 block.

I agree about RC, but not because I want cooldown spam, but because I think weapon Traits in general need a complete overhaul to make some more interesting builds, as 90% of my weapons are using SS.


You only have to wait another 3 months for S2 to finish, so that the playing field is level for the leaderboards before they touch anything again.
If you really think about it, it’s actually a good prediction to support this game for 10 years, while having to work on it 4 times a year.


As long as 120 weaves are completable, its fine. Bw was only really needed for 114-120 before, you could use her earlier to have an easier time thats true.

just wanted to touch on the weave thing :slight_smile:

Now that you can block arrows and that the damage buff was nerfed a bit, maybe they’re doable without now =p (we’ll see)

There was buffs in the most recent update though? 2h hammer and axe got buffed, smiter got buffed, some talents for zealot and merc got buffed, I think beamstaff got a buff too.

Hagbane wasn’t even nerfed, it was just the obscene cd reduction provided by it that was as far as I can see?

BW was incredibly obviously in need of a nerf, and spear didn’t need to push as hard as is did. They’re both still fine, strong choices. I agree there’s more balancing of other classes that needs to be done too, but I figure this patch is just meant to be the map and new systems primarily, not another big balance overhaul.

And yeah lack of cosmetics we can work to unlock is a bit of a shame, I really hope there’s more coming in the near future.


Personally I don’t have an opinion on beastmen numbers; I’d rather they just nerf gor mass so I can cleave/control their numbers easier.


Welcome to Verminnerf where everything gets nerfed, it’s kinda like heroes getting nerfed and enemies getting buffed


Except for the fact that, you know, everyone got massively buffed after 2.0 and BW got sent into the stratosphere and it took Fatshark several months to bring her down to an acceptable level and the enemies haven’t had a single buff ever but okay.


You can block arrows now, and you talking about high end difficulty, cata+++, sure its hard

Btw you still can do it, just have to kite longer Kappa

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Like people said. We received buffs in this patch and 2.0 was a major buff to all heroes. I also don’t understand the argument and logic of: I totally completed everything but buff everything nonetheless.

Also your logic is backwards: Let us assume we have 10 weapons. 7 of them are balanced, 1 overperforms, 2 underperform. Realistically this will lead to the overperformer being abused by the meta slaves (think Axe&Falchion 1.6 Level where you had the same weapon over all Saltzpyre careers in 90 % of the games). What happens to weapon diversity and build variety if you buff the two underperforming weapons? Right. Nothing. People still will use the overperformer. So in order to get a balanced state and variety, a game which gives more choice and not everyone is using the bland superweapon, the first step is to bring the outliers on the top down to a more balanced niveau. And please don’t come with some kind of idiot argument like buffing everything to the overperformer level. That is how you easily ruin difficulty scaling and games at all.

But we could have buffed the underperformer! Frankly, there aren’t that many underperformer really. Most of the stuff has ist niche and on Cataclysm you see nearly everything. There are some weapons you really see rarely to never but they are few in numbers. So I don’t see the need for the big buff movement.

And yes Ranger Veteran, Unchained and Handmaiden are balanced careers. I have seen them all multiple times in Cataclysm and they excelled at their performance. Some minor tweaks would be nice. But no, they do not need buffs.

Weaves also most not be reworked, you can play them up to 110 without BW at all. Above I have not played so I will refrain from making a statement. But as FS said that they reduced the damage scaling leading to a larger middle block it should doable fairly easy now.

The argument for the BtU Cataclysm frame is also nonsensical because there doesn’t exist one for the other difficulties either. Actually, the FoW frame is the “BtU frame” which also exists for Cataclysm.

If you read the patch notes you would have noticed that a lot of balance changes actually were based on the discussion in the beta. So feedback is not ignored. It is just that buffing to much hurts the game while the current changes are providing a more balanced state and better weapon variety and make the game more interesting and less bland.

Also take note that I am of average to below average skill and have not completed FoW or Weaves. And I still think that we had and still have outliers which awfully overperform. Overperforming weapons are just not fun and ruin build diversity.


I’m a bit more concerned that there’s not going to be any new patches until season 3. Is this true or something I’ve somehow stumbled on as the truth?


Yeah unchained need nerf in skilled hands she is devastating everything

Yeah, main game updates are bogged down now for a mode no one cares for.

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It’s this design philosophy of “let’s force everyone to play the game our way” rather than let people play how they want that drove me away. What most people bitching about OP stuff on the forums don’t realize is that most people like feeling powerful, as if there characters can do things effectively.


Actually, I appreciate it that you say it and admit it like that. But people do realize that most people like feeling powerful. It is not the issue though. Because if you like feeling powerful you can always scale down difficulty to Legend or Champion.

However, a problem arises if people insist to feel overly powerful on Cataclysm. Noone should be forced or even be told to play in the modded realm/Twitch/Deed for a more challenging experience. We have five difficulties which can adress different interests. But the people who advocate for buffing for some reason have to play on the highest difficulties although they have less fun due to feeling less powerful. It is contradicting. And on Legend you can play how you want. Staggering is not necessary, teamplay for the most part is not necessary as well and every weapon works.


How about balance higher difficulties as much as possible and:

These people, who are not ‘most’, can play on lower difficulties.

Surely a balanced game addreses the issue of:


At this rate of gimping skill ceiling potential on a lot of careers through weapon nerfs or talents the games going to get stale when so many situations become unwinnable regardless of skill just because the game doesn’t let you do as much. Literally the only thing that needed a nerf was bw who was honestly fine with the old lingering + 150% more burn damage and was only made broken with fire from ashes and 3% cdr on burn kill.

I wish fatshark would just buff the useless garbage in this game but after saying that so many times since like 2018 and they still haven’t listened I don’t think they ever will.


AOE ranged weapons get a funny lil buff from Smiter changes. Also RC works as advertised(which is poorly)