Thoughts on the Release Changes?

Yes, the final release isn’t out yet at the time of this posting (that I know of anyways). I’m making this thread for both the latest overhaul notes and when people get to play the release version. I’m personally holding back on my thoughts until I test drive things later (and boy, I cannot wait!).

What do you think? Do you think the completely new combat/progression systems will succeed in the game? What things do you like/dislike about the new mechanics? What things, if anything, would you change? What things have you noticed that are good/bad that aren’t in the release notes?

Release changes> I don’t see any patch notes. \s

Way too early to ask. We neex 2 days minimum.

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Still downloading patch. Did they really deleted most of passives? I liked that every character got few of them.

so far not liking what i see on kerilian passive effect only works below half health
lowered bonus ammunition
lvl 25 talents nerfed
lvl 15 talents now a bit meh as dont work unless ur below half health
seems like shes taken a massive hit so far need to try her ingame now tho


Yep,not sure how i feel about the waystalker now

Some of the nerfs where probably needed but all of them at the same time…+,if i’m not mistaken,there was no change to the “underperfoming” talents (or weapons;outside of the obvious nerfing of the spear it’s hard to say if they buffed stuff like the 2h sword without patch notes)

Add to that the fact that if you’re playing well,you are basically short a passive compared to other paths now.

Time will tell

Did they change anything about handmaiden except that 15% power talent and bleed on dash? I think not right?

they made the iconic weapon of it worse.

Well, Im really not happy about the ammo capacity nerfs, especially for my bounty hunter.

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They prolly just want to “force” people to play other stuff and properly learn mechanics for now. Bet they buff her back up before too long.

Honestly I have a lot of pet peeves with the full release. They changed the stamina shields to an earthy orange/brown and they are harder to notice.

I also hate that they renamed all the items with “greenleaf this” or “warriors that” it makes them feel more generic. Before, they actually had different names.

And another thing I can’t stand is they changed the damage output numbers for seemingly no reason. If you used to do 750 damage per hit, its now 7.5. I just don’t like this whole decimal thing I don’t think it makes things simpler so why would they change it?

Edit: Just to clarify, I love the game. These are all just small issues that are nothing more than minor annoyances to me.

the previous numbers should have never really been there though and made no sense. smacking a dummy for 1500 damage and then ending a round with 4k damage done never added up or made even the slightest bit of sense and i’m not sure why they took this long to change it.

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damage was always a decimal of the figure you saw on the dummy. In that sense, damage hasn’t changed, its just now correct for the damage you do.


You say that, but my Sienna dagger was hitting the dummy for 400 earlier today, it now hits for 7.5 on that same light attack.

I also slaughter everything on the base level of the game I am doing to open up the maps. That is probably a recruit level change though.

I will say thanks for fixing the beam staff, having the explosion back for the sniping is great!

We did also tweak damage for loads of stuff :slight_smile:


i kinda figured that it wouldn’t make any sense otherwise lol

Hedge, I’m sorry for calling you out like this, but was it really needed to completely crush Huntsman Kruber? And why the nerf on Bounty Hunter Saltzpyre’s F? I really don’t get the idea behind that one.

I get that Kruber was too strong, but because of Saltzpyre’s nerf my entire build (Centered around getting the ability up asap) is useless.

And the Spawn, did that really need a buff? So many of these changes baffle me in a way that has me facepalm really hard.


I haven’t gotten it downloaded but how is huntsman kruber nerfed?

Maybe now he is balanced enough that I may actually give him a try.

You can still use those weapons/gear for Witch hunter captain build no?

I used my shotty on a Rat Ogre in Veteran with the ability on, and the bar moved less than when I’d hit him with a good hammer. If balanced means “basically not enough damage to be worth your time” then sure he’s balanced.

Unchained still doesn’t have her push mechanics. Having them even as a talent would be nice, because currently her lvl 10 talents are all meh.
Pyromancer feels the same.
It still feels like no reason to play battle wizard except to wear the V1 duds.
Beam staff shotgun blast and flame sword heavy 1 still can’t hit training dummies
Beam staf beam explosion is back though. And it seems buffed.
Other testing in progress.

I don’t think hiding the passives helps, especially for new players.
(Passive ability is their big trademark passive, you can still see the other passives they have in the talent page)

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