My fellow 🧝‍♀️ 🧝‍♂️ elves!

How do you guys feel about the elves performance now after the hidden nerfs?

Waystalker nerfs:

  1. HP regen useless in veteran +
  2. You want to play ranged? No worries the ammo got nerfed hard.
    Oh wait you want to try shade?
    Shade major nerf:
    . If you or allies have a grimoire gain 25% increased power… Nope now it’s 15%
    At least her with shade ult you can pick up allies.
    Who plays handmaiden and why?

Please chip in what you know and think! Much love your fellow player!!

Sounds like a good balance change. Ranged is too plentiful in the game anyway. Elves just mad they aren’t as OP anymore.


They never were not in higher tier gameplay. In recruit sure they were.
People are mad because if you specialize in ranged you don’t want to spend 80% of your time going melee.
If you wanted to talk about OP look at dwarfs and witches. Elves were never op


Elves were never OP?! Wow sir. Just wow.

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Did you play champion? Or even veteran and if so you felt like elves were op? When their arrows only damaged weaker targets ?

I played veteran and tons of champion. With 100 arrows a
On the swift bow elves pretty much just run around machine gunning everything. On champion you always have to be careful, but with elf healing +trait that makes it more powerful, stacked with trinket. You are healthy the whole match. When you have that safety net you feel you can run ahead and mop up all the kills. No damage falloff so it begs you to sit back and kill everything at a distance. Homing arrows that let you kill specials with zero skill. Spear is fast, armor piercing and powerful. How do you not see this?


You didn’t play enough. You also seem to be the toxic type that leaves his team behind and thinks is god just because can kill vermin first.

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I understand what you’re saying trust me. But now even though she is still useful she fell off compared to other heroes. Am I wrong?

I feel it’s too soon for these questions.

Posts will all be about how it WAS instead of how is IS.
All ranged classes were nerfed. Except for Sienna?

I believe it will be more productive to see how the Waystalker plays vs other rangeds to see which is under/over performing. This until devs continue nerfing and ranged classes cease to exist.


To be honest I haven’t played her since launch. So I don’t know how much they nerfed her. But knowing how powerful she was in the past, I think she was due for a few. From what I’m seeing in game, she seems to be doing OK. I think the game can do with alot less ranged anyway.

I play handmaiden because I can kite a horde and bosses endlessly when needed,also I can revive virtually anyone even when he’s surrounded by a pack of stormvermin and I can clear hordes and armored units with ease because 2h sword is just that good. Don’t get me wrong,I’m not saying “LUL HANDMAINED BEST CHARACTER IN THE GAME”, but she’s extremely viable and very handy on champion/legend.


Why do you prefer 2h sword over spear/glaive?

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I played with a handmaden today on champ on one of the new maps and she saved the whole team from a wipe with her speed charging.

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Nice post!! Yes I’m with birdman, same question actually. Why 2hd vs glaive or spear?

Faster and MUCH wider light attacks- with dodging and moving around it kills more rats than spear block attack= I don’t need to rely on constant block attacks to clear hordes.

Charged attack is great for headshots and has a wider and much faster follow-up attack. Block attack is kinda meh,but[ed] still does the job and is a head level wide strike, so with headhsot potential.

Plus I like 2h swords and was disappointed by the spear having so many swing attacks.

[ed] I saw people say it doesn’t feel like a wardancer blade,but I beg to differ. I do dance with it- if you move from side to side while swinging you can hit even more targets and moving back and forth keep you in the clear from entire groups.


How is Shade? Her playstyle sounds really cool to me, but I haven’t played her since closed beta. Even with this nerf is she viable? or at least B or A tier?

It’s been a pretty terrible change. Arrows are of course useless on armored targets, where the elf excelled was soft targets… that’s been nerfed by less ammo and less ammo recovery from trait. Regen to 50% kills a bit of the utility, especially when grimed. It was extremely beneficial to the team having a team member that didn’t compete for heals. How about changing the improved heals to 75% with 1 grim and 100% with 2 grims? Also was the movement for elf changed? I feel a bit sluggish moving around w/ spear… it feels different than beta.

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Armors have been nerfed. Stormvermin are dying a sad death. Chaos warrior isn’t invulnerable anymore.
Spear doesn’t slow you down.

Play the goddamn game. Don’t ashame WS players.

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I play Waystalker, but I am primarily melee with sword and dagger. I do use bow, but mostly only for specials or if I see a nice big ammo chest nearby. That’s just how I learned to play with the nerfed (less ammo) True Flight in V1 and I kinda stuck with it in V2. I block, push back and hit, pretty much constantly. I’ve tried both Handmaiden and Shade but I just really like the Waystalker best and I really didn’t notice a big difference to be honest. If they changed anything I didn’t see it tonight. I have killed many Chaos Warriors by shooting them repeatedly in the face, and I was able to do so tonight too. I just don’t see any difference at the moment. Of course, I’m also only level 16 so… And I only played a few hours with a friend tonight and one map solo this afternoon.

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I have and I do. I have an elf at 30 and a mage at 20. Loved all of them in v1. I’m not a one character player, this nerf is not good and has made the class rather kinda pointless in champion+. You admitted you have not played elf since launch, how do u know movement hasn’t changed?

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