Do you think FS sees SotT as a problem?

<— Haven’t played seriously in about 2 years
<— Grab WPoS, play on Champion
<— Partied with SotT and two others
<— SotT proceeds to throw infinite spears at every special, elite, monster, and boss we encounter. She OHKOs all elites and specials.
<— She also did well against hordes.
<— Ended game with most or all green circles

Now I don’t play the game for green circles, at all. But she trivialized the team aspect of the game.

Two questions:

  1. Does this type of situation work itself out in harder difficulties? Or is this something to get used to experiencing?
  2. Is FS aware? Do they care?

2 - They ought to be aware, given the number of threads created about her killing the fun out of the game.

1 - No, she trivializes up even to modded content

  1. Nah, she´s unbalanced all over.

  2. They probably do know, and they care, but it seems balancing has been a low priority thing for a long time now given we’ve already gone beyond a year without any big changes.

I only recall some nerfs to SoT sometime after her launch but even that took a while i think.

Well i think i saw something about Aqshy stating that they had started thinking more about balance in recent times.

There was a nerf changing Radiant Inheritance from like 50% extra power level, 40% crit power, 30% attack speed and 20% extra crit chance to less ridiculous numbers but still far more buffs than any combat buff present in the game.

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Thats what Hedge had to say about her here.

Aware? Totally
Care? Not enough to have a Balance Patch anywhere near top priority.


That hedge argument is wrong tho, he implies that its a hard career where you really gotta push yourself to get most out of it, but thats just not the case, nothing about the Sister kit is substantially harder to pull of than any other career. if sister was actually a career that rewards Skill, i think people would be less frustrated by her.


I cant really spot anything about him stating SoT is harder, he just calls her different and interesting which is probably more like the intended result rather the achieved one.

As for her being less of a public enemy if she had a higher skill floor? Probably only marginally so, since most just despise her for trivializing content. As long as she does that she will be disliked.


SOTT could use a 70% damage nerf. AND moonbow could use another 70% damage nerf. AND Javelins could use a 50% finesse modifier nerf. Bandaid? Yes.

But as is I will have to resort to kick on sight.

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I don’t kick, but just boycott games with Elves in basically. Almost all elf careers now have something so stupid it removes fun for everyone else. HM is probably closest to being a sensible career until you give her moonfire or javs.

I read an argument somewhere that elf OP is giving players the impression they’re good enough for Legend/Cata and this is more of the meta- impact of the silliness that is SoTT. People run elf, then try something else and can’t pull off their usual stunt of wiping everything by pressing F and cry for other classes to be buffed.

Just look at WP threads, some people are claiming he’s lacklustre and needs a bit more oomph when he’s quite close to being almost perfect and this is because players are used to being able to just windmill through the level wiping entire patrols and packs of plague monks with a press of F, whereas actually having to fight a patrol is too much of a challenge.

IF FS ever did nerf elf to the level of other classes there’d be such a backlash though.


this to me, is quite obviously refering skill, or atleast a higher understanding of the hero.
i was picturing hunsman when i wrote that she would be less anoying if she actually required skill, a really good hunstman can in theory kill most elites and specials on cata just like her, but to actually hit a majority of headshots has an insane amount of skill requirement, wich sister quite frankly doesnt.



(The image is a link to the topic in question.)


In the case of SOTT being P2W, it was by the design!

This is how I read this line.

But in the hands of the upper brackets of the community it’s certainly very, very strong…

Even bots can outdamage humans with SOTT in the legend or cataclysm diffuclty.

Does this mean that bots now represent the upper brackets of community? /s

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