Nerf the damn sister

Especially the ult cooldown since i’m damn tired of hearing queen this and queen that


Don’t know what you mean, she’s perfectly balanced? Majority consensus is that she’s a bit weak if anything. Can’t solo DWONSC3 Hyper Twitch Twins + Vanguard + HFBS, so can’t be that overpowered. Maybe you should bump up the difficulty? It’s a PvE game anyways, so no one really cares about balance. Seems to me like you just want to take fun toys away from people. You must hate fun.


Bro that sarcasm was dry enough I’m worried some people are gonna think you’re serious.

This part in particular triggers me pretty hard from previous interactions I’ve had with people lol.


You also forgot that people want to nerf her because they just hate the elf.


Perhaps instead of nerfing Sister of the Thorn maybe a redistribution of power is better to more align with the whole sales pitch of her being supposedly a “support” class.

To me Fatshark tried to cram 2 different classes into one resulting in SotT being either more crowd control based or burst damage based which makes little sense as I don’t see “thorns” as being a bursty sort of damage dealer. Damage over time, damage reflection, bits of damage sure - but critical hits or having a 2nd ult that gives her high stats don’t really make sense to me.

This is coming from someone who enjoys playing Kerillian but seeing her talents on release it was rather quite clear that there is a skewed design when it comes to Sister of the Thorn.


Amen to that bro!

No. The last thing this game needs is another power creep. I don’t want Cata be like Recruit. At the moment taking SoTT means you’re effectively playing the game one difficulty lower.


Her talent tree is already pretty stacked so I don’t see how moving stuff around makes Doomsight less broken or Bloodrazor less ridiculous compared to any damage ult currently in the game (which also can’t store 2-3 uses and have longer cooldown). Her talent tree is annoying when contrasted against Engineer who spends most of it making the minigun work and his few that affect general play are so minor. She has talents the other classes dream about she never uses. Green health and no resource consumption on a timer, imagine that instead of keep it coming or prize bounty. But it doesn’t matter because crits wreck everything in the game and she can get tons in general play and near endless crits with a bunch of low cooldown characters for teammates on top of the ones she makes herself. It’s stupid. She’s ready to one shot anything I see with a moonfire bow Hunter impact hit when I leave her on the bot I may as well go AFK. Then she wrecks stacks of elite enemies and almost solos bosses with the bloodrazor. Honestly not sure what the appeal of the other side of her tree is supposed to be when you can dump out such ridiculous damage. And if you really want to start hit trading for ult (with a good team or one Zealot there’s no shortage of free white health) it gets even more insane. Those 2 things need a change, which would by proxy straighten out javelins since it’s their crit damage that makes them wacky DPS wise.




I feel attacked. I don’t hate the elf, I hate everything about her.
Slight nuance.

More seriously, I actually like her but the broken things on her are more broken than the broken things on other characters.


Its funny that pve game probably needs to be even more balanced than some pvp games to avoid constant difficulty, powercreep increases. Absolutely mind boggling how many people don’t seem to get this.

But yeah think the problems with sister have been talked to death at this point, just matter of fatshark actually doing something with the feedback.


Personal experience: On Cata I barely see any Sisters (in full teams) these days and often have an easier time matchmaking as Elf than as Saltz. And when they DO show up, they’re not really obliterating the scoreboard in any way that I haven’t seen other elf careers do as well if the player knows what they’re doing.

Whatever her theoretical peak performance for unofficial, modded content is… I don’t think it really matters in the base game’s difficulties. Sure you can tweak some aspects of her to bring talent viability in line, but I don’t see any URGENCY after Radiant Inheritance got that nerf.

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Well this is just personal anecdotal evidence but at least personally I don’t even run sister with the most optimal build anymore because it gets pretty old pretty fast.
This is also something I notice most Cata players in general doing now. Its pretty rare to see someone really good pushing the career to its limits anymore with morai-heg, bloodrazor, spear/moonfire builds.

The career is still stupidly strong and honestly Radiant nerf did absolutely nothing to the power she has.


Well, from my experience, 80% of the lobbies I play in have an elf, then at least 50% of the time it’s SotT, and 95% of the time it’s with crits and Bloodrazor, with moonbow most commonly, then javelin, and then sometimes staff. I believe I have yet to see a sister with any other ranged weapon. Then it’s either sword & dagger or spear.


Let’s be real, do you see any elf without moonfire/javelin nowadays? :smiley:


If I play SotT it’s with Longbow and Dual Swords. I really don’t like dual swords, but the extra crit chance on L3 and L4 kind of work well with Atharti’s delight.
I mean… any weapon, Morai-Heg and Atharti works (stupidly) well, but I take Pale Queens’s Choosing on the 5th row.

Also I find it ‘funny’ when playing repeater Kruber that taking one Moonfire arrow in the ass locks me out of firing (because of the moronic size the crosshair grows to) almost as long as the elf get slocked out of firing when the charge bar is empty…

Moonfire Bow is such a good generalist option that it really pushed other bows into obscurity. It just does everything reasonably well, and the only real downside is the absurd friendly fire effect and duration.
I can’t remember the last time I saw a Hagbane or Swiftbow user.


I play both on WS, though Swiftbow not on Cata. Swiftbow is similar to Engi’s ult, without the cranking bit. One swiftbow WS can prevent 3 other people from playing the game in Legend.

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Doesn’t have nearly the same armor/monster damage, so not really.

I tend to assume those using other bows don’t own the dlc or simply don’t want to kill the challenge of the game. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen Sister without javelin at least, since they’re part of the same dlc.

I love playing with the new Elf Javelin class. It’s so simple and strong.

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