Two-Thirds of a Year Courtesy Reminder that SoTT Needs Nerf

220 calendar days of unending, unceasing verbal courtesy notifications that all other careers are meaningless meatshields worth jack except to eat damage so that the the great, all-important, special snowflake waifu elf with pitch black pupils (cuz she’s special ocdonutsteelplease) may step upon our long suffering backs to her way at to the top of the scoreboard.


Also, fix the god damn ledges in chaos wastes. They’re a disgrace.

I’m growing more and more convinced that Fatshark will wait until a few months after Sienna’s career is launched to do one final Big Balance, in which SotT and moonbow will be included, so that they can leave Vermintide 2 in an acceptable state of balance before completely washing their hands of it and moving on to Darktide and new projects.

This has been my assumption as well for a while now. It would make sense that they’d want to wait until all the cards are on the table, so they can fully assess strengths and weaknesses relative to all other factors. That being said, I wish they’d just do a bare minimum tweak to keep SoTT and jav/MB from absolutely dominating like they currently do.

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The state of SotT kinda kills the game for me. 95% of twitch cata games have or will have (after the elf player dies on other career) a SotT in it that will run around nuking absolutely everything. I am also convinced FS won’t do anything about her anymore, it’s been a shitton of time since her release and she is still in this outrageous state.

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