Next Big Content Patch?

With Kerillian’s premium career out of the way, and Chaos Wastes released in decent shape, I’m thinking it’s about time to start dreaming about a nice girthy Big Balance Patch. Reminder to everyone that Fatshark was thinking about doing another BBB in winter last year, and despite the idea being scrapped, they still said it’s on the table.

I think the recent threads about power creep show that it’s become a sizeable problem, with various weapons like the lunar bow being superior in nearly every regard to its peers, and SotT being completely busted on release. This would give a chance to rectify the imbalance, and address various issues like Shade (of which recent changes have left nobody happy), BW, BH, weak weapons like Warpick and so on.

I do think Fatshark cares about balance if people make a fuss about it, and I am really glad that they toned down Inheritance of the Gods down to just a still really rich Inheritance. We didn’t have to wait 6 months to tone down a talent and swap the places of 2 talents this time like with BW. The previous patch was a big success which greatly increased interest in the game, player retention and enjoyment of the game, and I think the devs noticed that. It also helped that most of the work was done by slave labour.

Anyways, I’ve been holding off ideas until the patch begins, hope to see a lot of good changes and ideas thrown around.


summer vacation time in Sweden approaches

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Actually its anytime from june to august…depends a bit on what options your workplace gives you and what you yourself actually want.

So its entirely possible some sharks are already off places enjoying themselves.

but srsly with the new 40k game i’m pretty sure v2 is in maintenance mode…

Their office is mostly empty this time of year.
Dont expect any big changes until fall, and even then, most likely winter.