Moving forward?

With patch 14 it feels like the game is back on the right track. The egregious flaws have mostly been addressed and everything is feeling more balanced.

Curious if there’s been any roadmap moving forward. I know Fatshark was originally aiming to release new classes every quarter; I’m assuming that’s out the window with the increased complexity of the class overhaul, but it’d still be nice to know what we can expect in the months to come.

for now the soldier rework and probably a new mission in relation to the last comlink video.

youtuber seems hellbent on genestealer cult being incoming ennemies but I haven’t watched the infos on this.

I think we could expect one paying new class every six months (which would be faire if it come with its full feat tree and weapons).

No roadmap ever because FS had trouble sticking to schedules. This is a company that doesn’t seem to plan around government mandated vacations that have been around for decades.


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