Love the current dynamic

Just a small post in a sea of remarks and rants but even with the few troubles here and there I want to say I love that FS is being daring with those last patchs.

Be it 13th or 14th they both goes in the right direction and dare to make big changes all at once rather than tweaking a few things and calling it a day until the next month.

The game is definitly being born again and I catch mayself playing it more and more when I was expected to give up on it after sienna new carrier would bring me back to Vtide.


The fact they are talking to us on what they’re thinking of changeing is already a huge one from me.

It was one of the biggest issues ive had for months with FS.

Keep it up FS you’re doing good.


Agreed - I’m also quite happy with the direction DT is moving.

Reminds me a friend of mine (warhammer fan, dropped DT for lack of content) said a transparent roadmap with believable and realistic goals would be what it took to get him back into the game.


Just chiming to say, yes I agree. Game is even more fun than it was before (and it was already good then). The new meta rocks, because finally everyone gets fun toys.


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