Is there going to be an update/announcement this week?

Just curious. I saw a blog article about level design, but I’m more interested in knowing what’s going to happen to this game soon given a lot of us were looking forward to playing it over the holiday break. Once I hit my 4th level 30, I feel like I’m just going to end up uninstalling for a year given the current state. :\


Most likely not.

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We’re targeting this week for an update.


As in just a community update, or a hotfix/patch also? Thanks Aqshy

Tbh if there isnt some dramatic fixes and changes, I’m feeling like I will be investing my holiday gaming time into something else. Right now it feels like fatshark has a complete disregard for their players time and enjoyment. Ridiculous weeklies, even more insane, anti team penances, horrible class balance, and a myriad of other decisions that just make me wonder what kind of bad attitude they have towards their own player base.

They want me to log in every hour to check for crappy weapons, they want me to buy from the cash shop. There is no time to invest into all 4 characters for someone who also works and has a life and therefore money to spend. Why would I spend money when I can’t share anything between characters, can’t even switch between them on mission select, and it’s a second job just to keep up with all their weeklies, check for new weapons every hour etc…it’s nuts. Somebody is having a laugh. Fatshark seems to have a rather low opinion of their playerbase’ time.
I love 40k, but not even sure I’d come back in a year, there’ll be other games that feel like a more worthwhile time investment. Other companies more worthy of that time and money.


Community updates on Wednesday, updates on Thursday.
Pattern recognition should be skill shared by all.

So is not being rude. Didn’t learn that one yet now have you? Do better.


Not untrue and re reading OP did not deserve so.
The bad influence of this forum.

Imagine if Fatshark communicated more regularly since the game is a shitshow
What a concept right?

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They already do it regularly, once a week.


Which is a little bit not enough considering threads here with 300 replies plus have no FS feedback there.
Plus they lied so it would be nice to know they are sorry and they are working on remedying the lies


Communicating once a week works for me.
Don’t know what you expect.

Feedback gets gathered, feedback gets consulted upon, feedback gets acted upon for short / medium term development, state of updates planned and ready to be released formalized, validation, publication.
Don’t know what you expect. This is a company existing for 12+ years.

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Rock and Stone, brother!


First lets lay down some facts

  1. Fatshark lied to us about the game in several of their DEV posts
  2. Almost everything except combat (and some balance) is in bad or atrocious state
  3. Before we got a complete set of features, we got a real money cash shop with FOMO and predatory bundle prices (yes these are gone after community backlash BUT the shop still has no place there)
  4. Game sits at 62% on steam and dropping

This game isnt on fire, its disintegrating and its a damn f*cking shame too considering how excelent can it be once they remove the idiotic decisions.

I’d expect following

  1. More forums community interaction - BUT NOT the patronizing (and stupid) way Hedge does it, not only is he wrong lore wise, he is wrong and stupid about it … thats the worst combination
  2. An appology for all the lies we were told would also be nice
  3. Maybe even a small roadmap with no dates but with features that WILL come - like “we yoinked the DRG map and weeklies system, but this time we actually looked how it WORKS there and we are implementing it here”

I’m sorry to bother, but is that update a Hotfix (Like the one from today) or it’s going to be a bigger update ?

It’s a hotfix, which we just pushed an hour or two ago.

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So there will be a larger patch this week still?

I doubt there will be full crafting or a bigger update till January.

I’d err on no for the safe side. I know that’s not the answer you want to hear, but it’d be remiss of us to push a full content patch over the holidays, where developers want to spend time with their families.


Fully understandable, thank you for clearing it up