Community update, helloooo?

Dear Fatshark,

Happy new year!

I expected you guys to be intimate enough with your community to post such a wish on time, but alas! But much more importantly: how about a community update and more patches? The sudden radio-silence is eerie. Tencent got you by the balls? :stuck_out_tongue:

Darktide is an amazing game and most people who are pissed are absolute fans who feel so passionate about this game, that they feel a lot of anger and disappointment for the absolutely ABYSMAL endgame state you guys shipped this game in. Still, all of us should remember that the game is only 40 bucks and we all probably have 100+ hours in it by now. It begs the question, however: Is this how Fatshark wants us to look at it as well…?!


Apparently most of them are still on holiday. I doubt we’ll see or hear anything from them until next week at the earliest. Crazy way to run a business, but that’s how it is.

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Hm, I’m not rushing them or anything but does Sweden have long period of holiday during new year?

I’m a game dev and I only got 2 days off lol, but that’s kinda depend on country and company I guess.

Aqshi already said in another thread they won’t communicate before next week.

You can blame them for a lot of things but could give them a break…

Jesus… I hope you guys are as reactive and good in your work as what you expect them to be…


Pretty much.
There are two times a year you can’t count on swedes. It’s basically 20dec to 7 Jan and July.
Thats the big vacation periods where everyone tries to get vacation days… Sooo don’t count on content until next week.

At best we will get some minor hotfix on Thursday, that will be reverted next week :slight_smile:


So, if someone wants to attack Sweden, then December and January would be the best bet? They’ll all be much too busy vacationing. :grin:


A lot of the people on these forums seem like the type to shout at a 20 something barista until they cry.


Everyone’s on vacation. Pretty standard for this time of year. Not sure why you guys think that the game you’re playing is going to magically get worked on over christmas. Chances are you’re all whining for it because you’re at home doing nothing on your break.


Fatshark is always Fatshark


In America we have to work pretty much constantly to afford to live and doing things timely is kinda a necessity unless you want Karens crawling up your arse and getting you fired. So many of us do kinda expect a bare minimum on fixing problems timely, sorry. When you cost a corporation money because of your work ethic, they tend to care here. Sweden might be more lax, I don’t know.

It seems some workers in Sweden have two weeks off for Christmas and New Year. I can’t imagine all workers enjoy that kind of treatment mind you, just the ones working in an office and earning the big bucks.

Sweden, and pretty much every country on earth except the USA have guaranteed time off for workers, by law. List of minimum annual leave by country - Wikipedia. From googling, it looks like there are several holidays in Sweden around Christmas, and New Years, including Christmas 2: Electric Boga Loo.

I think it’s pretty likely that a lot of people at FS are taking vacation and had vacation planned for a while. I work in the US, but have a strong union. Our entire place shuts down between Christmas and New Years and we get like 2 or 3 more days on one end to make sure it’s at least 1 full week. Just part of our contract. Most of us burn some PTO and wind up with 2 or 3 weeks off but only spend a few days PTO.

Honestly it’s really sad to me that a lot of people here in the US are so accepting of the horrible state of workers rights here.


Obviously some industries require you to have people on standby and such but this is really typical practice in scandinavian countires.
Sure someone who is from states or outside of europe will probably find this trend really confusing but its been standard practice for very long time.

Its also nothing new if you have been following the previous tide games. Vermintide 2 had similiar issues with game release and holidays right around the corner.

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If Fatsharks past seven years of conduct are anything to go by, then I’d say you can’t count on Swedes any day of the year. xD

First Monday of January is a good day for invading, then we’ll be all fat from Christmas food, and Hesa Fredrik can yell all day without anyone caring.

8 P.M on Midsummer is another great bet, no one will be sober enough to fight!

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Give them a week to get back to work and digest the holiday period feedback. Snap decisions are bad decisions in software.


Even here in America, software devs take the holidays off. In fact, there are typically change freezes in place during this short staff season to ensure nothing breaks.


I’m Swiss. We’re well known for our hard work ethics comparatively.

Guess what… the country is almost dead entirely between 24. December and 8. January.

I’m not surprised at all that there is no major update of any kind coming soon. But i’m still a bit let down by it.


a lot are, EU has a lot of workers rights, places like the USA not so much take mcdonalds in America they get average $9 an hour and wont be eligible for any holiday untill year two then the corporate cultiure has made it so actually taking it is heavily frowned upon. whereas Denmark your looking at $22 an hour and 6 weeks paid holiday year one.

if your a frog in that pot people having this length of time off and things shutting down is just alien.

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Let the entire company have a long holiday. They did work, they earned it. Simple as.
They’ll need it.