Worried: Is Darktide already done/abandoned?

Is Darktide days already numbered? Since I rarely see the forums and I also have no idea which channel is official or as has the highest number of messages. I like this game a lot but I get the impression that its time has passed with the lack of updates or notifications from the game team, it seems like something abandoned with each day feeling like there is less players.

Have many friends that i played regularly going to other games too makes it more delusional

I saw that some people have already commented that fatshark is in other projects and that worries me, its a nice game but for me it doesn’t make sense to invest my time in a dead game with so many things/bugs to solve yet.

I don’t want to be annoying but this is something that has been bothering me a lot and i consider myself a true supporter


According to the announcements by the end of this week we should be getting some announcement and details.


Darktide or Vermintide 2? As yet there isn’t Darktide 2.

That said, I guess ultimately the same answer applies. Updates are far and few between, the player bases are down 90-95% from their peaks, significant design problems have gone unaddressed for long periods of time, and while we have promises of future updates there’s nothing concrete and it’s all pretty much copy-pasta of what’s been said (and undelivered) before.

VT2 is getting a Versus update that has seemed to go pretty well, so we know that’s in the pipeline, but for Darktide it’s all “TBD”, supposedly the next update is fixing…pennances?


Dont have any expectations or expect the worst. You wont know until very last moment anyway if they abandoned the game or not.


And that, there, is their big problem.

Y’know why they could pull this crap with VT2? A lack of competition. Yes, the core gameplay is tight and unique, but not so much that we all wouldn’t jump ship if something better came along.

Well, now something has. Fatshark’s inability to learn or obtain better leadership is going to be significantly worse now more than ever because they have some incredibly strong competition on their block, nevermind the state of the market.

We’ll all move to Super Earth if they can’t pull out the huge stops.


Sorry, meant Darktide. Was just looking at the new versus system in Vermintide 2 so got in my mouth. Makes me wonder that Darktide could have such a nice future, with space for new mechanics, history and gameplays that’s just doesn’t make any sense, it’s dumb… a company throwing away name, their money and their time (workers) for pure laziness, because cosmetics can give you the same… That’s sad


FS maybe could bank on the 40k IP, but they’re not really invested in video games. Most of the fans of 40k aren’t obsessed enough for the IP to induce them to stick around - they’ll go to something fun for their video games.


Like others who are also desperately obsessed with this game, I wish FS communicated more, worked faster, and pushed out endless content. But I don’t think there’s any reason to believe Darktide’s days are numbered!

We’re coming up on the 6 month mark since the Xbox launch, we’ve been told very recently by a CM that Darktide is FS’s largest team/project, and we got this update post (which is more mid/long-term communication than I feel like we’ve gotten since launch) less than 2 weeks ago: What's coming up in Darktide



I genuinely can’t believe this. Seriously, if this is what they’re dedicating the majority of their resources to…next update better be huge.


Stuff happening just behind the door… Test server are live, doing things emperor knows what but doing it…

The problem is FS so damaged their PR after the launch they pulling… This super secretive stunt just for the sake of the good old switcheroo to playing as the cool guy when they dropping their big, fat, juicy update upon us…

Until then its a sad fact the game kinda Dedge


Well its another overhaul of hated trash before we get to that point. But seeing them come out of the woodwork with the class update once having cooked hard I’m eager to see if they have anything on that scale again. Obviously the game suffers hugely from being early access and its kinda unfair at this point to compare VT2 so late and fleshed out. They literally destroyed the game for like a year out of their own hubris with WoM there too. Let them figure their thing out.


You’d think they’d have figured it out by now. How many games have they had issues with terrible management practices?

Maybe Tencent will start clearing house. I’d take stereotypical Asian efficiency memes over this madhouse where nobody appears to do anything for 4/5ths of the time.


There is nothing pointing to the game being on the ending parts.

Vt1 was up for 3 years with less players, then replaced not because of player base but because of gameplay limitations.

Vt2 hasn’t been dropped yet and still is getting content.

Darktide is getting content, FS isn’t speaking cause each time they actually do it just end up blowing back in their face.

There will be things soon, while the only announced thing are the Penances, there are other things that are rumoured. Some from trusted sources.

So calm down, take a breather, the game isn’t going anywhere, some people are in a doom spiral but its much less unstable than they think


Someone posted this on the subReddit for Darktide not long ago.

There you can see every patch made for each game. You can also see that Darktide has had more updates than Vermintide 1 and 2 in the same time frame. One could argue that many of these patches were already in the works before the launch, as the game launched in a less than optimal state.

This doesn’t mean Fatshark is going to update and support Darktide for as long as they have with the previous titles. But, historically, this is how they’ve done it for almost a decade. As such, I am confident that this is how they’ll continue to do with Darktide.

They’ve also recently stated that “news are coming”. That should tell us what they have planned for Darktide for 2024. I am cautiously hopeful. :saluting_face:


Darktide was abandoned almost immediately after release. No company that gives a damn about their product goes on vacation for 2 months the day after launch. Sure, we got a few token bugfixes and some copy-pasted maps played backwards, but the writing was always on the wall.


I doubt that. VT/VT2 development were also run like that. VT2 is supported to this day, in fact its Versus PvP mode is being tested right now (Alpha stages afaik). Fatshark is just not known for quick, or bug-free development. Some public reviews on Glassdoor pointed out issues which could have contributed to that.


The community’s relationship with Fatshark seems strained, to say the least. The neglect of game modes and questionable development decisions, it’s evident that there’s a disconnect between the studio and its player base.

Recently, releasing Versus Mode for Vermintide 2 shortly after seemingly shelving the idea and in direct competition with its other project (Darktide), further fragmenting the player community. It’s perplexing that they opted for Skaven and Chaos factions in v2 but failed to include other iconic factions like Nurgle and Khorne, citing lore reasons that don’t quite hold up given the tabletop’s flexibility and games like Total WarHammer being out and updating with new armies etc what seemed like monthly.

It seems to me that our constant craving for the next big thing in gaming coupled with a drought of quality titles has contributed to this situation. The gaming community has become fragmented, and gone are the days when everyone would eagerly anticipate the same game for Christmas.

Fatshark, while undoubtedly a smaller player in the gaming industry, has produced some solid titles with the Tide series. Unfortunately, these games haven’t received the recognition they deserve. Perhaps the allure of the Games Workshop IP isn’t enough to sustain interest when the studio appears reluctant to expand and innovate.

As players, we’re always hungry for more content and depth, yet Fatshark seems content with keeping things basic. It’s a shame, as there’s so much potential within the Warhammer universe that remains untapped.


Let’s not kid ourselves
Huge for fatshark is 2 maps and a new weapon mark


My friend, that’s not what abandoned means.
Fatshark is quite the opposite of a studio abandoning titles early. I say they actually put too low of a flame on the burner and actually drag the content production out.


Nothing we haven’t seen with VT2…but there are certain issues which contributed to this feeling for sure. Darktide was built on few promises:

  • more frequent content drops thanks to a new approach to map / mission building. This so far has been a mixed experience. I haven’t counted the maps / missions recently, but we probably have a comperable number of maps to VT2 , but with far less “biome” variety
  • itemisation / crafting RNG - this is an old point of contention from VT/VT2 days. Fatshark promised they will address the RNG with DT. Instead we got the most malicious, RNG heavy itemisation /crafting systems in the history of Tide games
  • Also, some basic features just took few steps back, such as the mission selection system. Lack of player control over what maps with what modifiers we can play is just so tedious. I personally was hoping for full player control, and ability to select different modifiers, similar to VT2 deeds only without the need to “drop” deeds / or them being one use only etc.