Player count depression

Best part is that Fatshark effectively fractured their community instead of expanding it.
Perhaps this should have been COD…
Because the foundation works.


This game is unfinished… this is a beta. They don’t give us crafting…
I don’t know what they do… I think they are at the beach playing volley ball…
Seriously? I am sick and tired at consecrating weapons and getting bad weapons (bulls**t is not allowed…).

They said crafting would be here in december. What do they need? finding someone that program?

by the mean time… player base collapse. This is the result of their great communication policy.

They are seriously the worst company I have seen at managing a game. Such a great game and such a failure.


I’ve been watching this for awhile. If you zoom in to 48h view you’ll note that the peaks are staggered between the 2 (they both have similar curve profiles, but for some reason VT2 starts 1-2 hours before DT’s does). For me, that would infer 2 different populations. I would guess that VT2 didn’t steal a whole lot of players from DT (overlapping peaks/valleys), rather DT failed to persuade away from VT2.

Does make me wonder what the demographic differences are between the 2 games. Differences of age/available time? Or maybe regional preferences? Would be worth a study by someone at FatShark.


People returned to vt2. I know loads of my usual discord have. The numbers will languish there until theres a massive patch.

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The potential was right there for HUGE player retention and for Darktide to join the small number of games that manage to keep their players playing for the long term.

This game should have had the equivalent or better of almost everything in VT2. It should have had the procedural maps they built the groundwork for in Chaos Wastes. It’s hub should have been a fleshed out social hub with a bar and minigames and trophy rooms, and NPCs you can chat to for lore tid bits, and not the barren shopping mall we got. There should have been more classes than VT2 at launch, and more bosses and maps and missions, and it should have had a compelling story. It should have built on VT2 weapon acquirement, or copied another game in this vein for weapon acquirement, like Warframe or MonsterHunter.

As it is I guess I’m jut hoping for a soft relaunch because this game not being huge due to its poor meta game is like flushing a diamond down the toilet.


Define “a massive patch”. I would not expect larger content drops than a new map variant, a new map, a new class more often than a quarter and THAT is already optimistic. Also atm they are clearly focusing on fixes, so I don’t think we will see much new content until what, June?

Also some people in this thread need to breathe and stop hyperventilating. Darktide is what is atm, don’t expect rush of new content. It is going to be slow, whatever you like it or not. If the game doesn’t offer enough content for you atm STOP playing, come back during the next “major” content drop.

I repeat… such a failure.
They don’t (the company) know communicating.

That’s really not something difficult. They could have explained what they do, what they plan to do, the roadmap of the development… instead of that, the told us “next week” during 3 weeks. Before that it was the holidays. And now it is “wait several months” (it changes from the “next week”).
I understand what you say… it doesn’t change that they failed badly and… they continue on this path.

No communication, no respect tio their customers and the steam rate is declining every day… and that’s well deserved.

So surely it will take time. I am pretty sure that they will try to port the xbox and published the open letter just to calm the player base. There is no other possibility. And I really think that it will have an impact on the player base for the future.

The reality is that you still want to play the game and you like it at its core. Otherwise you would be go “meh” ages ago, uninstalled it and moved on. Yet here we are, with at least few dozens of people like you, who continue posting on the forums. You aren’t here to make a point, you already made it, you are here waitin for a miracle, instead of taking a break and coming back when the game finally meets enough of your expectations.

The only thing I’m here to repeat is: live service model is a failure of business execs greed. Early access and live service are acceptable for small studios, not seasoned game developers with established franchises.


Warhammer Vernitide)) lol what is this?
AM I too old?
When it became shooter?

I’ve taken a break from Darktide. Basically waiting until we get details about progression and itemization. If they do a good job I plan on being back in full force, but in the meanwhile I have to beat Elden Ring again because I started an NG+ after I finished it and I want to be ready to dive into the DLC when that comes out :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I like the core of the game. Great. And if player base vanishes, I will have to find an other game. I can love a game, but a coop game without players… it doesn’t work at all.
Let’s be honest… we are beginning to have to caerry bots in heresy… 1 bot, it can be done, even if it is really boring to have a dead carpet to carry.
2 bots… it starts to be difficult.
You choose to be blind, ok. That’s your right. However, there is a problem with this game and how Fatshark handled things until now.

The model is a failure… when fatshark try to do it… they don’t communicate when it is needed (actually it is needed and their open letter is just denying us such communication), they don’t deliver regular content.
Would you say that Fortnite, Destiny 2, no man sky are failures?
I don’t think so…

There´s definately some sort of regional preference given to the main-timeframes. Could be even a thing that some poeple stick to V2 until their premades show up to play DT when we look at the timestamps.

Also it´s still that V2 got more or less a 2nd lifecycle. The average playercount is doubled right now compared to the time before the free giveaway.
Ofc some Vets went back due to the issues in DT. But there are also a bunch of new players and i´m sure noone of them has even bought DT. I mean… why should you buy DT, when you just got V2 for free?!

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Id consider a patch s rework of whats already there rather than new content.

Rework crafting, alter characyer peogression, change some spawns of materials and specials (especially at damnation), weapons rebalance, feats looked at, maybe some boss fight mechanics changed. Also penances getsome attntn.

Sry im at wrk got too many tbles. :rofl:

I’m one of the people who quit playing a while ago. I already went through all this crap with VT2, not coming back unless there’s some evidence that Fatshark is getting serious about learning from their mistakes and I’m certainly never preordering one of their games again. Hope they’re able to pull it together because I, like a lot of people, really want to be able to play this game and enjoy it, but that’s just not possible for me in its current state.

It’s almost impressive how thoroughly FS has managed to squander the goldmine they’re sitting on. A soft relaunch would probably get the numbers back on track but I really hope there is some serious examination going on at the company about how this can not happen again in the future. I doubt they can afford a flop like this for long.


Player count doesn’t bother me, too many people care about player count when there are other metrics that are more important.

You could have 10,000 concurrent players but if they only log in to check the shop once per hour that’s a much bigger problem than having only 5000 who are doing 2x missions for 60 minutes.

I play New World with my wife and that game went from an average of 410,170 to a lot of 13,298. A couple patches and they’re at consistently at 28,509 now. But if you go on the subreddit for New World they keep showing steam charts as if that’s the only way to evaluate a game.

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This is perfectly understandable. Why not take a break and come back later?

I just don’t bother with crafting. The game play is enjoyable right now, but I’m not putting any effort into obtaining gear. The system is just not finished so I won’t bother with it until it is.


For me both Fortnite and Destiny 2 are shallow, banal free to play titles. Also as far as I remember Destiny games had some serious controversies about lack of content and missing story being released as paid DLCs.

No Man Sky at the launch was a disaster and if anything is a story of how a overmarketed game can be fixed, because of the dev team had a sense of pride.

There are few examples of succesful live service games. These aren’t that.

Maybe you don’t know but… the goal of any company is earning money.
Fortnite, a game I don’t play, was a success. You can dislike it… but these games were successfull as live service games.
If DT continue like that… I doubt it will follow this path.
And believe me, I would want this game be a success.

Well, let me decide what I want. I understand that you want to see the player base of this game reduced to the critic size but… I am not sure it will be good for this game.
There will be returns when FS will deliver new content. But, there will be players that will go to an other game and never come back. Such players won’t modify their review and won’t advertise for this game.
And this is sad for the game itself.

You don’t care to not have a complete game and playing a beta… I don’t think that the majority of the users of this game (playing it or that have left to an other game) would agree with you.

You don’t bother with crafting… well for me it is something important especially when it was something promised for december.

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ok and? how does your satisfaction relate to an successful title?


you don’t have to like the model but its been extremely successful that’s exactly why the trend goes in that direction ever since,
LoL, GTA online, Valorant, WoW, Dota2, CS:GO, in Fact from the top ten most viewed games, there are only 3 that that aren’t live service to some degree, those would be,mincecraft, tarkov, the remake deadspace, and well just chatting. (if you want to count that)

sure you could make the argument that twitch views don’t directly translate to how successful a game was (tho i would challenge that view) it utterly ridiculous to claim that live service model’s are somehow destined to fail or somehow not marketable

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This ist the way!

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