Dt: 1854 & vt2: 2530

Game population is a reflection of the faith the consummers have in the live product.

It’s understandable that they want to do it right and take their time…

But they already took our money.
Cannot help but feel we’ve been bait & switched in a lot of regards (class, weapons, enemies, story, gambling,… Pretty much everything really)

I’m wondering now what are fatshark’s plans to remedy.
A roadmap would be nice.

Getting the few active players in the loop, having a heads up of the ultimate goal would really help the few of us that play… sometimes… to stay in the loop.

Or cynicism would say that there is no plan, only incorporated mods.

This isn’t a post to rehash the multiple failures of the so called-retention systems, but to ask what Fatshark should do and plans to do.

I’m not naive though, Fatshark is on holiday (again? :thinking: ) and this post will most likely never see anymore than Catfish dutifully reading through it.


The game is consistently hitting under 4000k peak players now. We’ll likely see a spike if the Xbox version gets released, but it’ll probably be short-lived as people realize they’ve bought a dumpster fire. But like you said, FS will already have their money so they won’t care either way.

If player numbers was a real concern for FS, there would have been decisive action months ago. They can’t even release a simple road map because they have been ‘discussing’ the problems ‘internally’ for the last several months.


ive basically let it go, and just my only connection with DT is this forum. its rly sad that other companies release updates every 2 weeks and share plans with community while FS is soooo backwards.

I doubt much will change either, its gonna be long tjme before DT2 comes out.


I’m reminded of when a good friend told me
“I only play Darktide in short bursts because playing Darktide is an excercise in edging my depression”.


Even Inquisitor Martyr annoys me less than Darktide did, and Martyr has a lot of issues, they’re just not quite as aggravating or relating to core systems as Darktide’s. Also I really did enjoy Darktide a lot, so a longer fall from a higher point, I guess.

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What can I say?
As long as an attempt to create a working damnation build is bound to 50h of grinding to land the weapon/blessing/trait combination that I would like to put into use, then I will not play the game.
There is no joy in that. Farming plasteel for all those rerolls feels like chores and the last thing I want to do after work is work.

In my case, DT is shelved as long as the progression remains like it is.

The design intent demands sacrifice!

The design intent giveth!

The design intent taketh away!


Don’t forget to add like 10 more players to DT, we can’t be forgetting our gamepass players


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