What's coming up in Darktide

What’s coming up in Darktide?

Our first update will focus on a comprehensive revamp and expansion of the penance system, including adding many additional rewards and a completely new way to earn them. We will be sharing more information on this update by the end of the month, along with a dev blog so keep your eyes peeled on our Communication channels to learn more.

Following this, we are working on an overhaul of our current itemisation process. With the new system we want to remove a lot of the unpredictable grind that came from an RNG heavy system whilst giving players more agency and a steady manner to progress toward specific loadouts, blessings, and stats refinement.

Although these are significant portions of each update, this is not our full plan for 2024. We will be adding new elements to Darktide throughout the year as well including (but not limited to) new missions, new enemies, new weapons, new conditions, and new features alongside balance updates, quality of life additions, along with some other surprises which we will share in due time.

We thank you for all your feedback you’ve given so far, and look forward to sharing these changes and new content with you in the near future and seeing what you think!

Update from the Darktide Team 29/03/24
We are still working on the Announcement and the Dev Blog around our next update ‘Path to Redemption’ and look forward to sharing them with you soon! Here is a sneak peak of what is coming up.


Nice, about time we got some news.


hell yeah, great hearing about this thank you!


Nice (=


God-Emperor be praised: the crafting rework is finally coming.


This sounds promising, although I have to ask - why revamp the achievement system first, and not the crafting system? I haven’t seen anyone complain about the achievements other than the tedium in getting them, alongside some pretty weird secret achievement requirements.


special thanks to “HELP ME” from the discord for begging on the regular to get us this update


I hope this includes a reward for the 500k kills penance im getting close to it and would actually like something to show for it until that sweet 1mill frame


People have been complaining that there aren’t enough earnable penances, and could be that it’s what is ready faster and is done by different teams


Unpredictable grind…lol okay

The commissary definitely needs an update but the itemization should definitely be priority #1


I think it’s not the matter of priority, but the matter of what they can complete first


For your future plans, please look into the replayability of the content you are putting out. Content comes slowly as expected, but that would be a lot less of a problem if replayability was increased, as it would make new content feel fresher for longer.


Big W if those systems will be any player friendly, not frustrating and respect player’s time. Are we gaming?

Map system also needs a revamp. Once you will add more maps it’s gonna be hard to access all maps cause screen is limited (or you gonna increase ammount of maps selection number again and flood map screen even more?)

Aswell as it’s force players to logout - beat map see it’s still in rotation, you go alt tab to wait for a new map - boom, same map again, you log out and go play something else.


Well, nothing really to say, since we’ll have to see how it plays out, but hopeful news at least. Thanks for sharing where fatshark is putting their effort into darktide.

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All of this sounds very promising - I’m definitely looking forward to perhaps finally seeing all the cosmetic items that are sitting in the backend, but the development of which seemed to had halted at some point. The biggest win for everyone would certainly be the long overdue itemisation rework.

By the way, is there any chance we could get a clarification from the dev team on what

new weapons

entails? Is it just new marks of the existing weapons, or is there a chance we will genuinely see new weapon models?


If it was new marks, I would have written new marks :wink:


Cool cool cool so what I’m being told is… I should not have gone ahead and spent in excess of 250k plasteel and diamantine up till now…? :grimacing:


The sun has broken through the clouds. We’re so f***ing back.


Oh, I see… I see what you did there :smiley:

Cheers for a quick reply!


Called it!

New penance gear, border frames and such. Can’t wait. I hope the selection will be wide.

After months, @brosgw and everyone else who wanted Crafting improved will find some vindication. Acknowledgement has been made!
This is exciting news for sure.

I knew fishtank enthusiasts would come around eventually.