Content Drop - Rejects Unite + Patch #10

Here are the patch notes for Patch #10 Rejects Unite, which just went live on Steam and will be available shortly on the Microsoft Store.

New Features

Archivum Sycorax

We are sending you into Habzone HL-19-24, “Throneside,” to break into Archivum Sycorax. We suspect the Heretics have been getting help from inside the hive, and we believe there’s sensitive information in there that could prove that.

Ascension Riser 31

The Heretics are transferring a consignment of Prismata Crystals to their allies in the Hive. Head into the bowels of the Transit Hub HL-16-11, “Chasm Terminus,” to intercept and seize the shipment before they can complete the transfer.

Chaos Spawn

Say hello to an old f(r)iend: The Chaos Spawn has now been added to the enemy population!
We added our fourth Monstrosity to the game, the Chaos Spawn. The Chaos Spawn is a frenzy Monstrosity. While it’s not as tanky as the Plague Ogryn or the Beast of Nurgle, it has fast attacks and erratic behaviour combined with a grab attack that heals the Chaos Spawn if not interrupted.
Fans of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 will see a familiar foe but don’t be fooled into thinking you recognize everything about this Chaos Spawn…Some differences include a new leap attack to close distances faster, new combo animations to reinforce the erratic frenzy theme, tweaked existing attack animations to reduce some of the fast damage timings, and new grab animations to fit our Ogryns.

Community Events

We will also be kicking off our first of three Community Events in which the community will need to complete challenges in order to unlock rewards. You will be able to see any progress made towards each challenge on our website and on the Darktide Launcher, once a goal has been hit then the rewards will be available to all players! The first two rewards (a tattoo followed by a helmet) will be able to be redeemable through the Darktide Account Dashboard similar to the Warhammer Fest cosmetics. Ascension Riser 31 will be the reward for the third challenge, which will be to complete 900,000 missions.

Playing on higher difficulties will help you reach the goal faster, with sedition providing a 1x bonus, Uprising 2x, Malice 3x, Heresy x4, and Damnation 5x to any points acquired. Once this goal has been reached the mission will be unlocked in game for all players.

The Commissary

Shipmistress Brahms, disappointed by your rag-tag attire, has decreed that the Commissary be made available to all members of the Warband. It is located opposite the Commodore’s Vesture on the port side of the Mourningstar.

The Commissary will have a selection of Operative and Weapon cosmetics for sale, which can be acquired for the cost of Ordos Dockets.

Operative Cosmetics

The Commissary now has all Operative Cosmetics available for purchase with Ordos Dockets, new items have been made available, and existing items previously sold at the Armoury Exchange have now been moved to the Commissary.

You can purchase the full set directly or buy individual items. Each set consists of an Upper and Lower Body item and, in some cases, a headgear piece.

We are introducing rarity levels to Cosmetic items within Darktide. The intent behind this is to more clearly communicate an item’s importance, significance, and uniqueness in the game. Rarity will be an indicator to how challenging an item may be to acquire, or how sacred it is within the universe. Rarity levels have been added to all cosmetics purchased via the Commissary or unlocked through the completion of a Penance. Items from other sources that do not yet have a rarity level will be revealed in a future update.

A new pricing schema has been created for the sale of the operative cosmetic items available in the Commissary. The prices of items are determined by two factors, the sanctity (rarity) level of the item, as well as its tier level in the set. Items are often created in a set together, which evolves over 5 times to form 5 different tiers.
When we came to designing the pricing strategy for these items, the tier of the item did not convey the full meaning of the item. Both the colour, patterns, and details on the item also convey information about the source of the item as well as its significance. Pricing an item by the tier alone would be restrictive without a more flexible system, which is where the two parameters of tier and rarity allow us to price in a more open way. For example, let’s say there is a Tier 1 Veteran upper body cosmetic with the colours and iconography of one of the regiments from the Astra Militarum. We can now specify the rarity of this tier 1 item, and combined with its tier can give a price that reflects both of these attributes appropriately.

To see images of all the new cosmetics purchasable with Ordo Dockets through the Commissary click here!



  • Navis Imperialis Cerulean Carapace Helmet

  • Antax Mk III Conclave-Issue Tactical Helm

  • Conclave-Issue Carapace Helmet

  • Kantrael Mk II Warden Helm

  • Navis Imperialis Boarding Party Helm

  • Navis Imperialis Mk V Campaign Helmet

  • Antax Mk VII Tactical Helm

  • Kantrael Mk IVA Warden Helm


  • Gun-Hand’s Day Uniform

  • Gun-Hand’s Punishment Uniform

  • Gun-Hand’s Dress Uniform

  • Meatshield’s Sentry Uniform

  • Meatshield’s Punishment Uniform

  • Pistolero’s Day Uniform

  • Pistolero’s Punishment Uniform

  • Pistolero’s Sentry Uniform

  • Pistolero’s Dress Uniform

  • Shooter’s Day Uniform

  • Shooter’s Dress Uniform

  • Shooter’s Sentry Uniform

  • Shooter’s Punishment Uniform

  • Survivor’s Sentry Uniform

  • Survivor’s Punishment Uniform

  • Killshot’s Punishment Uniform

  • Dead-Eye’s Punishment Uniform

  • Dead-Eye’s Sentry Uniform


  • Militarum Tactical Backpack (Catachan Pattern)

  • Militarum Tactical Backpack (Grunwald Variant Pattern)



  • Martyr’s Cowl

  • Mask of the Vengeful

  • Missionary’s Cowl

  • Leather Cowl

  • Reliquarist’s Cowl

  • Cowl of the Righteous

  • Cowl of the Indignant

  • Mask of Sanctity


  • Lowly Lazar’s Vestments

  • Anointed Lazar’s Vestments

  • Dedicated Lazar’s Vestments

  • Saintly Lazar’s Vestments

  • Pious Lazar’s Vestments

  • Lowly Exhorter’s Vestments

  • Anointed Exhorter’s Vestments

  • Dedicated Exhorter’s Vestments

  • Pious Exhorter’s Vestments

  • Lowly Missionary’s Vestments

  • Anointed Missionary’s Vestments

  • Saintly Missionary’s Vestments

  • Dedicated Missionary’s Vestments

  • Lowly Prophet’s Vestments

  • Anointed Prophet’s Vestments

  • Dedicated Prophet’s Vestments

  • Lowly Scribe’s Vestments

  • Anointed Prelate’s Vestments

  • Lowly Indoctinator’s Vestments

  • Anointed Indoctinator’s Vestments


  • Militarum Tactical Backpack (Catachan Pattern)

  • Militarum Tactical Backpack (Grunwald Variant Pattern)



  • Conclave-Issue Tactical Shadowveil

  • Crucis “Dominus” Psykana Hood

  • Crucis “Witchtongue” Psykana Hood

  • Liberis-Issue Psykana Hood

  • Crucis “Styges” Psykana Hood

  • Godefroy-Issue Psykana Hood

  • Crucis Sepulturum-Issue Shadowveil

  • Phrect-Pattern Psykana Shadowveil


  • Mind Witch’s Leash Raiment

  • Mind Witch’s Duty Raiment

  • Mind Witch’s Penance Raiment

  • Mind Witch’s Service Raiment

  • Mind Witch’s Psi-Conductive Armour of Redemption

  • Empath Witch’s Penance Raiment

  • Pain Witch’s Leash Raiment

  • Pain Witch’s Penance Raiment

  • Pain Witch’s Service Raiment

  • Pain Witch’s Duty Raiment

  • Scrier Witch’s Leash Raiment

  • Scrier Witch’s Penance Raiment

  • Scrier Witch’s Redemption Raiment

  • Scrier Witch’s Service Raiment

  • Time Witch’s Leash Raiment

  • Time Witch’s Penance Raiment

  • Time Witch’s Service Raiment

  • Blind Witch’s Leash Raiment

  • Blind Witch’s Penance Raiment

  • Farstrider Witch’s Leash Raiment


  • Militarum Tactical Backpack (Catachan Pattern)

  • Militarum Tactical Backpack (Grunwald Variant Pattern)



  • Ajaxx Mk IB Ogryn Helmet

  • Krourk Iron-Pattern Hardhat

  • Krourk Mk VI “Dead Stealthy” Bruteplate

  • Krourk Mk VIB “Nightfighter” Bruteplate

  • Endymion Mk IV “Ash Nomad” Helmet

  • Ironhelm “Hive Brute” Safety Helmet

  • Krourk MK II Bruteplate

  • Ajaxx Mk III Ogryn Helmet


  • Cannon Carter’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Cannon Carter’s Best Gear (XXXXL)

  • Roustabout’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Stoker’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Ammo Hauler’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Breacher’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Ditcher’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Drudge’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Gun-Dragger’s Best Gear (XXXXL)

  • Heavy’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Knuckledragger’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Grox Herder’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Latriner’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Sapper’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Thug’s Garb

  • Digger’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Brute’s Baddest Armour (XXXXL)

  • Brute’s Brilliant Armour (XXXXL)

  • Workhorse’s Gear (XXXXL)

  • Knee-Smasher’s Garb (XXXXL)


  • Brute Lootbag (Dapplecam)

  • Rucksack (Brute-Sized)

User Interface

The Commissary has a new User Interface available for browsing cosmetics for sale within its store.

You can browse all Classes within the store to see the full range, and for those classes you have created an Operative for, you can purchase an item to unlock it.

Sets and Accessories have been made available to browse and acquire in the Commissary.

In the new user interface, all cosmetics are previewed by default and can be further previewed easily on your Operative if applicable to do so.

Owned items appear more visibly in the store to better distinguish them from those you have acquired and those you have yet to acquire.

Commodore’s Vestures

New Items

The Commodore’s Vestures will have new items appear in its store for sale. These new items will be available starting from May 30 at 10:00 UTC.

After 30 May, the Commodore’s Vestures will slowly shift back to its intended cadence of being updated every two weeks on a Friday (also at 10:00 UTC). The store will always feature 3 pages of items available for each class. It will temporarily have 4 pages for each class until we rotate out the oldest items on June 9.

The next item rotation will happen on June 16.


Discounts will now be applied to Bundles where you already own one or more items within that bundle. You can see the discount in the total price of the Bundle.


Updates have been made to the representation of a Bundle and its individual items to better distinguish the options available to you.

The Inspect / Preview options for taking a closer look at the cosmetic item have also been updated with the recent changes made to the Commissary.

Loadout View

Cosmetics Tab

All available cosmetic items that can be earned for Ordos Dockets or unlocked via Penances have been made visible in the cosmetics view for each slot. This list can be sorted, or if you choose to, you may toggle between only showing unlocked items or a combination of locked and unlocked ones.

You can navigate through the list of unlocked items to see how they appear on your operative, and it will also describe the source of the item and how to unlock it.

Updates and Tweaks

  • Changed Hunting grounds to spawn 1-2 waves instead of up to 7 waves (on Damnation), with bigger waves and a few normal Pox Hounds added on Heresy and Damnation.

Dev Note: Current hunting grounds have a tendency to slow down the pacing too much and take too long to clear, this tweak should make waves harder while making the triggered event not last as long.

  • Tweaked Pox Hound pounce attack to be a bit easier to push.

  • Reduced Medical Crate healing speed and cost towards downed players

    • Speed from 100% → 10%

    • Cost 100% → 30%.

Dev Note: “We tuned the amount of health, the speed of the healing and the cost from the health pool to heal a downed player from a deployed medical crate. The intention is that downed players don’t drain the entire medical pack in seconds so that alive players can gain some healing, while also making it so that downed players are bleeding out for longer giving a larger time window for teammates to help them up”

  • Lowered the timing between wielding and aiming an underhand throw with Frag and Stun Grenades from 1.5s → 0.9s.

Dev Note: For context the timing from wield to overhand throw is 1.4s.

Bug Fixes

Animation, VFX, SFX

  • Fixed an issue where player animations could display incorrectly after being thrown by Mutant.

  • Fixed an issue where the Artemia Mk III Purgation Flamer didn’t use ammunition-based sound modulation (mechanical sounds used to indicate low ammunition count).

  • Fixed a bug where projectile weapons would not play certain impact sfx.

  • Fixed an issue where the plasma rifle overheat warning effect didn’t scale correctly with unusual resolutions.


  • Fixed a bug where you could circumvent fire rate restrictions on ranged weapons if used while sprinting.

  • Fixed some issues that could occur when vaulting in enclosed spaces.

  • Penances

  • Fixed issue where “Bring the Hurt” penance would be triggered by using the Rumbler.

  • Fixed issue where penance “One in the chamber” could not progress higher than the previous version’s requirement of 5.


  • Fixed a spot in Smelter Complex HL17-36 where players could get stuck.

  • Fixed locations in various missions where players could be unreachable by enemies, get out of bounds, skip mission objectives, and visibly see enemies spawning.

  • Enemies can no longer run through the fan while it’s spinning in the mid-event on Relay Station TRS-150.

  • Fixed an issue where the elevator at the start of Relay Station TRS-150 was invisible for players joining after the mission had begun.

  • Fixed an issue where players sliding into the corners of the first door in Refinery Delta-17 caused them to get stuck.

  • Fixed an issue where enemies could run through walls and scenery in the hangar section in Excise Vault Spireside-13.

  • The minions of chaos have moved a medicae battery away from the convenient locker at the start of Relay Station TRS-150. You must now look elsewhere to deny their trickery.

  • Fixed an issue where areas of the map became invisible to players in Excise Vault Spireside-13

  • Multiple players can now interact with the medicae station at the same time.

  • Fixed an issue that caused elevators to be blocked from starting with the “Not all players are onboard” message.

  • Fixed an issue where players could not pick up a Scripture on Enclavum Baross.


  • When switching inputs between controller and keyboard & mouse, the visual button prompts to interact with game pickups will change depending on the input device currently in use.

  • The text for Sire Melk’s task for collecting Grimoires or Scriptures will now correctly reference both these pickups.


  • Support for Intel XeSS.

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Other Tweaks and Changes

  • A new option, under the Interface settings, has been added that will disable the 3D rendering of operative portraits for the strike team HUD.

    • More information can be seen here

Dev note: This option has been added to allow players an additional toggle to help reduce potential crashes in Darktide.

  • Added an error message to the storefronts (Armoury Exchange, Commissary) when a list of items cannot be fetched from the server.

  • Added IPv6 Network as an option in the launcher.

Dev note: This option enables the use of IPv6 and requires IPv6 connectivity. Enabling this option without IPv6 connectivity may prevent you from playing the game.

Known Bugs

  • We are aware of an issue where VoIP isn’t working as intended in a strike team when you return to the hub after a mission. If the players leave the strike team while in the hub after the mission and rejoin the same people voip works again. We will be fixing this issue in a future hotfix.

No balance pass, no new weapons… but one new map and chaos spawn. Alright.

Now what about #breakTheLocks? What about a Brunt that isn’t just a scam? What about any kind of crafting that makes any sense whatsoever?

How about not putting a new map behind a LOCK after the community have told you for months and months how much they hate locks, and how incredibly grindy the game already is?

How about doing anything at all to save this game from total disaster?


Once again NOTHING about NUMBER 1 feedback here and on reddit.
Man you guyz really ARE something else. Driving the excellent gameplay into the dirt with braindead decisions


Thank you for the updates :slight_smile:
Only thing I’d like to see is an update to the Curio system.


And the new cosmetics shop sells recolors for 1,5 million credits!

Oh boy, yeah this is going to go down as your best patch so far.


“Various bug fixes and improvements.”
So many they couldnt name I hope, because I love reading performance and optimization notes, especially when they help me.


Yeah, would have liked to see #breakTheLocks and balance pass as well.


Guess what… new map isn’t in rotation.

What a shocker.


Recolors of existing uniforms…
and they did not include recolor of our current backpack.
Oh, come on.


we dont want easier game just #breakthelocks


Still refusing to let the playerbase know what your stance towards the locks and the abysmal crafting is, eh? At this point, just tell us that you think this is fine.

You clearly do, since you brought paid cosmetics back.

Oh well, i will check back in a few months to see if anything in that regard has changed.

Plenty of other games out there, that don’t blatantly disrespect my time and myself as a player.


Well, you heard the annoucement people!

Now back to:


Downloaded the update and I’m crashing the moment I press Play on the launcher… I guess they borked something up.

Axes are the meta!
Sword n00b!


Hmm, no balance changes?


A lot of free cosmetics is good, although they are quite expensive (would have been nice to also get the naked torso skin back).
An additional monstrosity is good.
An additional map is good.
Locking the second map behind a community event is generally understandable, but questionable in the context of how things have been going lately.

Anything new regarding crafting?
Because this is probably the one thing that everyone wants to hear.
And until it is what people actually hear, they will likely never be happy with the game.


It’s really gonna take a year til the locks are gone at this rate



There should be no balance changes (except buffs, maybe) until crafting is fixed.


Nah, sry, it’s better to have atleast a better balance, rather than both no crafting and no balance changes.


The 2nd reward for the “event” is a tattoo?! That will not be visible since you removed the community liked bug with upper cosmetic and didn’t bring up a replacement?

Chastise is still broken - resets the thrust blessing stacks when used.

Thrust still seems to be broken. Or are you telling me that dealing up to 32K damage in a single hit is “planned”?

And did you cap damage output of the hammer on demon hosts? How can I output 25K+ damage to Nurgle via weakspot critical, but only ~ 16.5K on the demon host?