Community Comm-link 25th May 2023


This is Catfish, Darktide Community Manager, here with another comm-link update! We established these comm-links to answer some of the community’s questions and to give information about upcoming patches.

Our next update ‘Rejects Unite’ will feature both a patch and a content drop, which we will release during the Warhammer Skulls Event, stay tuned for the release date!
Here is some of what you can expect from it:


We will release 2 new missions - ‘Archivum Sycorax’ an Espionage mission located in Throneside, and ‘Ascension Riser 31’ a Strike mission in the Transit Hub. Here is how they will look in game:

Archivum Sycorax

Ascension Riser 31

Archivum Sycorax will be available to play once the patch is live and players will be able find it on the mission board. Our intentions are to increase the frequency of Archivum Sycorax appearing on the Mission Board during the first week of its launch across all difficulties. There are some restrictions at play that we are attempting to overcome. We will communicate in the patch notes if we are successful in executing this. If so, you can also expect the same behavior on the Mission Board for when Ascension Riser 31 is unlocked. Ascension Riser 31 will be unlocked as a reward for completing the Community Event.

Community Events

Once the patch has been deployed we will also kick off our first of three Community Events in which the community will need to complete challenges in order to unlock rewards. You will be able to see any progress made towards each challenge on our website and on the Darktide Launcher, once a goal has been hit then the rewards will be available to all players! The first two rewards (a tattoo followed by a helmet) will be able to be redeemed through the Darktide Account Dashboard similar to the Warhammer Fest cosmetics. Ascension Riser 31 will be the reward for the third challenge, which will be to complete 1,400,000 missions.

Playing on higher difficulties will help you reach the goal faster, with sedition providing a 1x bonus, Uprising 2x, Malice 3x, Heresy x4, and Damnation 5x to any points acquired. Once this goal has been reached the mission will be unlocked in game for all players.

Chaos Spawn

We will be adding our fourth Monstrosity to the game, the Chaos Spawn - a frenzy Monstrosity. While it’s not as tanky as the Plague Ogryn or the Beast of Nurgle, it has fast attacks and erratic behaviour combined with a grab attack that heals the Chaos Spawn if not interrupted.
Changes from VT2 include a new leap attack to close distances faster, new combo animations to reinforce the erratic frenzy theme, tweaked existing attack animations to reduce some of the fast damage timings, and new grab animations to fit our Ogryns.


As part of ‘Rejects Unite’ we have added a new in-game store, which will be known as the Commissary. Here you will be able to purchase earnable cosmetics with Ordo Dockets. The Commissary is based on the left hand side of the Mourningstar, where the Armoury Exchange was previously located. Alongside this the prices for the earnable cosmetics currently in game will change - there will be some increases and some decreases.

Alongside this, Commodore’s Vestures will release new items for sale shortly (potentially a few days after release) after the update. As before, these cosmetics will be on a rotational system and Commodore’s Vestures will slowly shift to its intended cadence of being updated every two weeks on a Friday with 3 pages of items available for each class. The store will temporarily have 4 pages available for each class, until we rotate out the oldest set of items. As items do rotate out of the store, they will come back with new rotations over time as the store updates.

Here’s a couple of our favourites, with plenty more cosmetic options available for all classes!

From left to right we have:

  • Veteran wearing the Achlys Mk IIb Cyclops Helm, Armoured Combat Vest, LeatherTanker Togs and Mk IV Ahabian Prosthetic limb from Commodore’s Vestures.

  • Ogryn wearing Knee-Smasher’s Garb (XXXXL) from the Commissary

  • Zealot in Saintly Lazar’s Vestments from the Commissary

  • Psyker wearing the “Penance” Redemptor’s Veil, Black Medusa Psykana Collar (Morlox style regalia),“Penance” Psyker Trousers from Commodore’s Vestures.

We will also add a tiering system for cosmetic items to be able to show the difficulty of cosmetics earned by Penances, or reflective of the prices in the Commissary. These tiers will be: Profane (gray), Redeemed (green), Anointed (blue), Exalted (purple), and Transcendent (orange).

This covers most of what will be included in ‘Rejects Unite’, but we will be sharing more information in the full notes on the day of the patch!



Or at least give us an update on where you stand…

Also, I think you got your userhandle confused @FatsharkQuickpaw :wink:





So… this is it, huh?

You have the balls to start charging for cosmetics again with almost no content in the game, and absolutely no changes to crafting?

You should be deeply ashamed of yourselves. This is incredibly bad, even by FatShark standards. Holy crap this is bad.


So you had nothing for Skulls and this is why you had to delay and lie about it. GG

Also holding 50% of new missions to ransom is a great decision.


This cosmetic is a recolor of the top tier cosmetics from the “redacted” section.

Are these recolors available by default, or are they only available once the player has unlocked the penance version of the skin?
I hope for the latter, since this would allow players to show off their penance progression in multiple colors.
If they are all available by default, it would instead devalue the penance cosmetics.


Very excited! Thanks for what looks like an incredible update. is there a release date on this? Edit: We’re currently in the skulls event right? Anyway, I see that it’s to come.


Also, as usual:

Anything new in regard to crafting?

  • removing the locks
  • picking perks from a list
  • weapon modifier upgrades

Where are the quality of life improvements?




Maybe wait for the patch notes…


Still no changes to crafting. Guess, game reached the point where FS satisfied with it’s state, so they charge mtx store again.


you have to be kidding?!?

what is the date the patch will drop even?

/uninstalling is my new update


They could a least said something about them, like what is their theme or something

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Let me help you with resolving these “restrictions”:

  • Get new game designers, the present ones are holding the game back
  • Add full player control to mission selection, difficulty and special conditions selection
  • Add full player control to CRAFTING, remove the locks

I’m not expecting anything major but smaller QoL changes are possible.

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I’m glad you recognize the mission board is preventing us from playing what we’d like, but I’m not sure the solution is giving us better odds to play the new map. Let us pick a map. Let us pick its difficulty. Let us pick its modifiers.

We finally got to have fun playing Hi5 Shock the past few days and the knowledge the fun might end at any point is creating a powerful feeling of dread. Stop holding fun hostage.

Also #breakthelocks, your game does not stand a remote chance to stay alive if you keep this insane gacha crap in it.


“Ascension Riser 31 will be the reward for the third challenge, which will be to complete 1,400,000 missions.”

Let me get this straight, we dont get the new mission right away, we have to work for it? Are you serious?


Okay, I didn’t have all that much faith for this update, but you’re locking new content behind an arbitrary community event goal? Really?


Waiting for the full Patchnotes.

But if the abysmal crafting stays as is but Fatshark went ahead and introduced paid cosmetics again, i am truly done with this game.

Didn’t play for over 2 months now and two new Maps won’t be nearly enough to bring me back. Especially since we still can’t choose which Maps / Missions we want to play.

The fact that Fatshark refuses to give any Info on their stance towards crafting, is pretty telling and damning.

A small shred of hope remains, but i fear the worst.