Community Comm-Link 27th April 2023


This is Catfish, Darktide Community Manager, here with another comm-link update! We established these comm-links to give information about upcoming patches.

In the first week of May we will release Patch #9 - Garbs and Penances which will feature tiered sets of cosmetics for each class that you’ll earn by completing new penances. These earnable cosmetics will work similarly to existing penance cosmetics, with several tiers for each class.
The old class penances will be moved to a tab at the bottom of the penance menu under ‘Redacted’. Here you can see the Veteran and Ogryn’s final tier cosmetics!

As part of Patch #9 we’ll also have some changes to Blessings (including another tier of Power Cyler), balance tweaks and bug fixes. Full patch notes will be available once Patch #9 has been deployed.

Following Patch #9 we will be deploying a content drop, which will be coupled with a large patch. Here is a sneak peek of concept art from a new mission we are working on as part of the content drop, that will be located in the Throneside Zone.

Going forward the cadence of these comm-links will be changing slightly and you can expect the next edition to be on the 18th May.

We look forward to seeing some of you at Warhammer Fest this weekend!


These old penances will still be completable, right?


Yes they will be!


Will they be no longer available for completion, or just moved to a different section?

Edit: same question was asked and answered while i wrote this post.

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Why separate the new penances from the old ones? Will the Redacted section at least have subcategories for the classes?


Did FatShark have any plans to release a story for Darktide or can we forget about it and all planned updates are just adding new maps ?


How’s progress for Console coming along?

We are working on it! Once we have more information to share we will.

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Since nobody has done the deed yet…

Anything new in regard to crafting?

  • removing the locks
  • picking perks from a list
  • weapon modifier upgrades

In light of blessing changes being mentioned, at least the removal of locks would be quite relevant, to allow players to adapt to the changes.


Thanks Catfish! Very excited to deck me bois out in more gear.

Okay, thanks!

Will they be edited to be more reasonable? A couple of them are complete nonsense and were only reasonable via loopholes and cheese tactics.

Still waiting on the blessing/perk locks being removed. They add nothing and only serve to frustrate the player.


Progression changes? Shared resources? Map selection? Anything that we’ve been complaining about for half a year now?


The only reason i peak into the forum here or onto the discussions on steam is to check if the silly slot machine crafting is removed.

This would instantly make me reinstall the game again.
I do not require constant feed of “content” to be engaged, just an overall engaging game is enough, but as soon as i am out of a mission and confronted with the design excrement that is crafting - it is over with the fun.


how about flashpoint missions, memory leaks, teleporting dogs and handbreaking mutants ( how many fixes been reverted back, 3 or 4 ? i lost count ) , a solution for afk/speedrunner mat farmers, barrel/kit trolls, monstro rewards, crafting, weapon attachments, bot commands, more maps, better stuff at melk, acc bound mats and bleessings, personality change, the load in 5 sec invulnerability fix, the lightning effects on flamers and purgatus, collision fix especially on trapper, spawn fixes specially near medstations just to name a few
and what was the point of the community queez couple months ago ? what was implemented from that ?
what that 180 people doing all day ?
during the 6 months you lost over 90% of your playerbase, drg with over 30 employees changed more than v2 in the past 2 years
oh yeah one other thing, whiy did you renamed warp nexus to this
and the text isnt even right


Man I would love to hear more about those balance changes. Are headshots not working with melees apart from Rashad on there? Are cleave blessings going to do something tangible at some point, the ones that don’t ignore enemy hitmass? Are terrible blessings going to be reworked?

Details would be nice. A message like that combined with your current crafting system completely extinguishes any drive to touch Hadron.


This is mentioned in the post (one of the two massive images is about this).

Blessings are acc wide.