Cosmetics in The Commissary

Operative Cosmetics

Here are the images of the cosmetics now available in the Commissary!

The Commissary now has all Operative Cosmetics available for purchase with Ordos Dockets, new items have been made available, and existing items previously sold at the Armoury Exchange have now been moved to the Commissary.

You can purchase the full set directly or buy individual items. Each set consists of an Upper and Lower Body item and, in some cases, a headgear piece.

Rarity levels have also been added to all cosmetics purchased via the Commissary, or unlocked through completion of a Penance. Items from other sources that do not yet have a rarity level will be revealed in a future update.



Navis Imperialis Cerulean Carapace Helmet

Antax Mk III Conclave-Issue Tactical Helm

Conclave-Issue Carapace Helmet

Kantrael Mk II Warden Helm

Navis Imperialis Boarding Party Helm

Navis Imperialis Mk V Campaign Helmet

Antax Mk VII Tactical Helm

Kantrael Mk IVA Warden Helm


Gun-Hand’s Day Uniform

Gun-Hand’s Punishment Uniform

Gun-Hand’s Dress Uniform

Meatshield’s Sentry Uniform

Meatshield’s Punishment Uniform

Pistolero’s Day Uniform

Pistolero’s Punishment Uniform

Pistolero’s Sentry Uniform

Pistolero’s Dress Uniform

Shooter’s Day Uniform

Shooter’s Dress Uniform

Shooter’s Sentry Uniform

Shooter’s Punishment Uniform

Survivor’s Sentry Uniform

Survivor’s Punishment Uniform

Killshot’s Punishment Uniform

Dead-Eye’s Punishment Uniform

Dead-Eye’s Sentry Uniform


Militarum Tactical Backpack (Catachan Pattern)

Militarum Tactical Backpack (Grunwald Variant Pattern)



Martyr’s Cowl

Mask of the Vengeful

Missionary’s Cowl

Leather Cowl

Reliquarist’s Cowl

Cowl of the Righteous

Cowl of the Indignant

Mask of Sanctity


Lowly Lazar’s Vestments

Anointed Lazar’s Vestments

Dedicated Lazar’s Vestments

Saintly Lazar’s Vestments

Pious Lazar’s Vestments

Lowly Exhorter’s Vestments

Anointed Exhorter’s Vestments

Dedicated Exhorter’s Vestments

Pious Exhorter’s Vestments

Lowly Missionary’s Vestments

Anointed Missionary’s Vestments

Saintly Missionary’s Vestments

Dedicated Missionary’s Vestments

Lowly Prophet’s Vestments

Anointed Prophet’s Vestments

Dedicated Prophet’s Vestments

Lowly Scribe’s Vestments

Anointed Prelate’s Vestments

Lowly Indoctinator’s Vestments

Anointed Indoctinator’s Vestments


Militarum Tactical Backpack (Catachan Pattern)

Militarum Tactical Backpack (Grunwald Variant Pattern)



Conclave-Issue Tactical Shadowveil

Crucis “Dominus” Psykana Hood

Crucis “Witchtongue” Psykana Hood

Liberis-Issue Psykana Hood

Crucis “Styges” Psykana Hood

Godefroy-Issue Psykana Hood

Crucis Sepulturum-Issue Shadowveil

Phrect-Pattern Psykana Shadowveil


Mind Witch’s Leash Raiment

Mind Witch’s Duty Raiment

Mind Witch’s Penance Raiment

Mind Witch’s Service Raiment

Mind Witch’s Psi-Conductive Armour of Redemption

Empath Witch’s Penance Raiment

Pain Witch’s Leash Raiment

Pain Witch’s Penance Raiment

Pain Witch’s Service Raiment

Pain Witch’s Duty Raiment

Scrier Witch’s Leash Raiment

Scrier Witch’s Penance Raiment

Scrier Witch’s Redemption Raiment

Scrier Witch’s Service Raiment

Time Witch’s Leash Raiment

Time Witch’s Penance Raiment

Time Witch’s Service Raiment

Blind Witch’s Leash Raiment

Blind Witch’s Penance Raiment

Farstrider Witch’s Leash Raiment


Militarum Tactical Backpack (Catachan Pattern)

Militarum Tactical Backpack (Grunwald Variant Pattern)



Ajaxx Mk IB Ogryn Helmet

Krourk Iron-Pattern Hardhat

Krourk Mk VI “Dead Stealthy” Bruteplate

Krourk Mk VIB “Nightfighter” Bruteplate

Endymion Mk IV “Ash Nomad” Helmet

Ironhelm “Hive Brute” Safety Helmet

Krourk MK II Bruteplate

Ajaxx Mk III Ogryn Helmet


Cannon Carter’s Gear (XXXXL)

Cannon Carter’s Best Gear (XXXXL)

Roustabout’s Gear (XXXXL)

Stoker’s Gear (XXXXL)

Ammo Hauler’s Gear (XXXXL)

Breacher’s Gear (XXXXL)

Ditcher’s Gear (XXXXL)

Drudge’s Gear (XXXXL)

Gun-Dragger’s Best Gear (XXXXL)

Heavy’s Gear (XXXXL)

Knuckledragger’s Gear (XXXXL)

Grox Herder’s Gear (XXXXL)

Latriner’s Gear (XXXXL)

Sapper’s Gear (XXXXL)

Thug’s Garb

Digger’s Gear (XXXXL)

Brute’s Baddest Armour (XXXXL)

Brute’s Brilliant Armour (XXXXL)

Workhorse’s Gear (XXXXL)

Knee-Smasher’s Garb (XXXXL)


Brute Lootbag (Dapplecam)

Rucksack (Brute-Sized)


I’ll be honest I was hoping for more colour variations, instead of mostly blue/grey/green ones.

Like red or yellow


Is it really too much to ask for a basic black and gray, no added extra colors just those two, or somethign all black like zolas outfit


All I want is something yellow for my ogryn, anyone who wants red or green outfits is as usual in heaven, most other colors are completely forgotten :frowning:
Strange how you can choose a yellow prison garb in the beginning if you like/want that color, and after that point never again find anything else to match it.
You would think at the very least the 4 prison garb colors would be prioritized with future cosmetics…maybe the designers can only see red and green?
Is your cosmetic designer a dog, @FatsharkCatfish?
Admit it!

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wow these prices are terrible, sorry I dont have 99999999999999999999999 dockets in reserves, been spending to reroll melk bounties that honestly should just be reworked entirely and buying greys to in bulk for at least a 370+ roll come on fatshark


You guys DO know that your horrific hateful ‘crafting’ design that includes paying millions of credits to get a few chances of an upgrade of a weapon through Brunts, and the absurd cost to rerolling missions is already credit sinks far beyond anything that is reasonable?

And you have the gall to sell recolors for 1,55 million credits?

What the hell is wrong you, FatShark? Seriously.

Not mention going ahead with the FOMO paid cosmetics shop, just once again proving that you ignore all feedback and your only desire is for the game to die, and quickly.


I have to say that i’m rather disappointed at the chosen colors for the non Ogryn Backpacks, most notably with the Catachan Pattern having the incorrect colors to whats the recognizable jungle camo colors it should have, the snow white and grey scheme is more fitting Valhallan or Atilan rather then Catachan who should have a forest green colors instead…

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Are there recolours of the Patch #9 penance gear?

Unfortunately no, only the launch day cosmetics and their respective penance rewards got new recolors, which is fine for now, would’ve been unfair to give a more attention to the recent set of unlockable cosmetics which released not too long ago more love then the older sets who desperately needed it more.

Do want some Camo pattern variants of the Tank top for Guardsmen tho, not much a fan that the only way to make a decent looking Catachan is with a plain blue shirt and pants…



Amazing. Most of these were already available. Well done for yet another empty update and a completely lackluster one.

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I was so close to falling into the trap again, reinstalling the game. But I’m out, Fatshark, seriously, I’ve played your games since Vermintide Dark Times, this game was so good compared to this, it was made with love, Darktide is a deniable demonstration of laziness. Your designs, UX and UI are worse than we can see in some actual “indie games” with too fewer resources.

You’ve demonstrated your employees are not serious, they’re burnout or they lack the responsibility of creating something good, and you’re not working with passion at all anymore.

Even some of these wear designs are copy-pasted from some of them you’ve been selling in your shop. I will never buy one of your games anymore, better invest in a new startup company than be part of this one.




The absurd price of the cheap recolors if of course to try to force people to buy their actual paid cosmetics. No doubt also why they’re sticking to the FOMO design, because those are also just minor variations and recolors of themselves - and if everyone can see all the cosmetics at once, people would realize they’re not worth 1/10 of the asking price.

Not to mention that everyone knows how predatory FOMO is in the first place, wringing money out of certain types of people. FatShark really is run by incredibly malicious people.

I bet they even do the Riot thing, calling their employees ‘Sharks’, pretend it’s a family. Catfish must feel right at home, just like good old Riot.


Still really disappointed with the Ogryn cosmetics. Waiting for the set that the Ogryn on the title screen is wearing for some actual armor…


I know some people really mad about cosmetics but I just don’t care. I can get 1 million credits in what, 10 missions? The prices of the free cosmetics and the fact that they exist or that there is a cosmetics shop doesn’t bother me. FOMO is stupid and maybe it works on some people and that’s certainly predatory but it doesn’t work on me.

I could have been a whale this game harpooned but they won’t give me what I want. Proof that this game is going to survive longer than 6 more months. Because they just won’t address the elephants in the room and instead of doing so they put all their effort over the last entire month into cosmetics.


I think the sad truth is that not many people left playing care about cosmetics anymore. There’s been two cosmetic focused updates recently and the general response has been… subdued at best. This would have gone over a lot better closer to launch, but that crowd left a long time ago.

Perhaps they learned their lesson of not including customizability in a game based on a wargame where you paint your own armies and are padding it out for the Xbox release. Either way, I think a lot of us have just run out of interest until they start giving us something new to play with. A map or two helps, but they add a few hours of new content at most to engage with.


That’s a lot of big-game…

Well we can try teach Fatshark a lesson… we either collectively uninstall Darktide for a couple of days (if 2k people uninstall game at the same time it should do something right?) or simply not buy anything from the shop. No cash or attention for ignoring your fan base.

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Yeah, I love how the full Ogryn breastplate is used on Ogryn character creation, in the Promo material, and on the wall of the new cosmetic shop while it is not available for actual use at all :smiley:


I was under the impression that with this new shop we’d be seeing a break away from every item from the shop being a retexture. Save for the backpacks nothing is new. Imo this feels like a missed opportunity to have pushed the shop into a more finalized state suitable for a “completed game”. The ball was dropped on this one.