Community Comm-Link 16th February 2023


Last week we saw the release of Patch 1.0.25 and Hotfix 1.0.26, which was focused mainly on tweaks and balance of weapons as well as some quality-of-life additions. We also published a Dev Blog that took a deep dive into the upcoming changes to the Shrine of the Omnissiah. From this, we saw a great amount of constructive feedback that we will keep in mind going forward, as well as some burning questions - which we will answer here.

How do you get different Blessing tiers?

When you surrender a weapon to Hadron, you will receive the Blessing from that weapon at its current tier. To get higher blessing tiers, you will need to find weapons with an improved tier on them and surrender those weapons to Hadron.

Will you be making any changes to resource drops?

Yes! We will be increasing the amount of crafting resources you find in missions and adjusting the resources you find at higher difficulties to include more plasteel.

Upcoming Patch

We will be releasing a larger patch containing all of the changes to the Shrine of the Omnissiah and more by the end of February! Here is a bit of a sneak peek of what you can expect from the upcoming patch:

  • Changes to the Mission Board - We will increase the number of available missions on the mission board from 12 to 16 and the difficulty distribution of the missions with higher difficulties getting more representation. We will also lower the mission timers, so that by the time you complete a mission a new one has rotated in!

  • Changes to the Shrine - We will be adding the ability to earn Blessings permanently and be able to re-bless your weapons.

  • Changes to the Armoury Exchange - We will release a new feature to the Armoury Exchange where players can acquire any weapon type by its mark (Mk) that has been unlocked by achieving the minimum level required.

  • Changes to the amount of experience and currency earned on Side Missions - Both Side Missions and Conditions will now award different values of XP and Ordos Dockets. They will also scale in the amount given relative to the difficulty level of the mission they are attached to.

  • Emotes?! - We’re beginning to add more social interactions to the hub world of the Mourningstar. Following the next patch, you will be able to equip yourself with emotes and say hello to your fellow rejects!

We look forward to seeing you in the next update!


Oh you’ll keep the feedback in mind, will you?

Not to mention that this crafting system makes absolutely zero effort in making it easier to find blessings that almost never appear, nevermind getting T4 blessings.

Oh well, that’s that. They really are doing their best to tank this game as hard as possible.


Will we share blessings between characters?
We can share cosmetics, so why not sharing blessings?


That’s the most important part, should have been singled out for clarity and ease


oh boy emotes

but actually though, these changes cant come soon enough :triumph:


Please for the love of god just ditch blessing tiers this is so bad, I have maybe 2 tier fours and they are for the catachan swords and while you’re at it remove reblessing and reroll perk locks too (and hopefully add in a make bar on weapon stat go up button thanks in advance)


Thank you for the update!

Can’t wait to see the patch released!


You guys are really doubling down on the unfriendly RNG grind, huh?


Still not going to touch all that was brought up in the last dev blog huh?
Perks still locked? Blessings still locked? We’re still going ahead with the multiple layers of RNG stacked on top of one another? We’re still going with 10 minutes to get a perk?

At least now I’ll be able to wave at the other four idiots still playing the game by the time this rolls out.


Why are you addressing the mission terminal like this, it’s insane you keep such a horrible system and only attempt to make it slightly less frustrating. LET US PLAY WHAT WE WANT TO PLAY

Once again, today was another day of only getting a couple runs done with hi intensity on damnation. Let me pick my mission, my difficulty, and my modifier. PLEASE

If you’re not gonna ditch it then add a contract system like PD2 where I can just buy the mission I want. Lowering timers is also a double edged sword, as before if a hi intensity damnation hadn’t rolled over when we were done with it, we could at least play it one more time before it turns to low intensity or some other awful modifier…

All you’re doing is sending the message that you are hearing the feedback, but you aren’t willing to listen to it, as the reality of player experience goes against the “design intent” for everything wrong with the game, and the ego of those in charge prevents them from recognizing mistakes.


You know the answers…
No, yes, yes, surely yes

FYI, I Identify as a Varlet and not a Reject.


The community is doing a fine enough job of that on our own tbh.


I’d really like to just be able to pick my missions and their difficulties. Incredibly frustrating to have rotations where you dislike all the maps or rotations where you don’t have access to scrips / grims / specific mission types. I hate not having agency about where and how I play.


Mostly good to hear, but please either get rid of blessing tiers, or let us combine lower tier blessings to unlock higher tier ones like the original idea for combine blessings worked. Finding high tier blessings is such a crapshoot, let alone finding the rare blessings that just seem to never show up. I only know a few of them exist because other people have said so, I’ve never even seen them myself.

Please also remove locking blessings and perks. It’s a dumb idea that just pads out crafting through RNG.

Also, remove the dumb rerolling part. It already costs nothing but time to roll the perk you want on an item, so all it makes us do is use third party tools to endlessly reroll the perk until the one we actually want shows up.


This change is meaningless for the majority of the players still hanging on this dead carcass. At least give some Plasteel and Diamantine with each level up after 30.


I hope that whoever is responsible for the direction this game has gone/is going gets fired. The core gameplay is so good and has so much promise. Stop treating your customers like cash cows and just make the rest of the game actually enjoyable, too. Honestly, I think I’m done. I’ll watch future patch notes, I guess, in the vain hope that Fatshark will someday get its s**t together.


FatShark seems almost pathologically unable to make good decisions. It’s truly staggering to imagine the sheer amount of incompetence and greed that needs to go into making these kinds of decisions for their game.


Thats cool, to bad i have about 500 hours in the game and have seen less than a handful of tier 4 blessings across 4 characters. Hell, i have not seen power cycler or bloodthirsty blessing at all.

Even if you roll the blessing you want on a gun so you can replace the other one, its still going to be at most a tier 3 unless you were insanely lucky and managed to prevent the upgrade system from downgrading your weapon and also roll the exact blessing you wanted as a tier 4 blessing.

This is not a reduction in RNG to mitigate frustration, its just moving the frustration slightly to the left.


So, when re-blessing, do you unlock that blessing for all weapons? all weapons of the class(combat axes)? or only weapons of that mark(mkV combat axe?)?

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