Ok, we have got the crafting "blog" post... my feeling, and yours?

Well, finally Fatshark, by Catfish, posted its plan for the crafting. While I am not surprised, I am a little disappointed. I have seen what was coming, and I am not disappointed cause of that, but cause of the delay.
The system described is 90% the same as the one they described before, as the one we should have since december. This means, that they had not worked on this until a lot of negative reviews appear on Steam. That’s really sad to see that they did not respect their customers.

About the system described, I am not totally dissatisfied with it. I must say that it was what I planned to see. So, personally, I like the system planned, however several points that can be a problem for in my opinion:

  • we miss a possibility to transform, our weapons green and more, in plasteel and diamantines (like 50% of the invested amount)
  • we miss a possibility to transform diamantine in plasteel [ratio 3:1 ?]
  • the locked perk is a problem on curios… there’s a need of a solution here
  • I miss the possibility to upgrade blessings. To get best blessing you will need to find one that is highest tier. I can understand they lock one blessing, but I want a possibility to upgrade the blessing of a weapon
  • Linked to what I’ve just said, I would have preferred that they kept the Fuse / Combine blessing functionality instead of that we earn a blessing that we can use perpetually
  • Nothing is said about the balance between plasteel and diamantine at higher difficulties
  • They need to remove perks ofr curios totally useless : +x% experience, +x% ordos, +x% chances to get a curio
  • We don’t know when we will get the update… considering how many weapons I have that would benefit of the new system, well I want it for yesterday… please

About getting above 380 modifiers, I tend to think that we will get red weapons and that they will permit us to raise modifiers. I just hope, on this, that we won’t get a massive random system style “pray to get something decent”


Regarding the blessings, they are making it so you get an emperors reward every mission, so farming blessings will be easier now.

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The system is absolute pure trash, actively hateful towards their customers. I have expressed the reasons why in the main post.


I have seen. However, you knew that they would not remove the RNG in the game. We could easily guess it as it would have removed a lot of what has been implemented in the game.

So, they could not give you a system where you will get the perfect weapon. Also, not having the perfect weapon is not something that forbid you to play with a not perfect weapon…

Lot of people told me that you can damnation with any weapon. Tbh, I would not try. But, except my bolter, and now my flamer, I dont have any other excellent weapons (maybe my tactical axe I rarely use). And I have no perfect weapon… However, this is not forbidding me to play with a lot of not perfect weapons.
So, from my point of view, the crafting will permit me to ameliorate my weapons.

They could give us absolutely anything. It’s their game, their system. They could easily give us a way to work towards the items we want.

They have chosen to double down on their awful hateful system, even after they have lost almost all their players, even after universal feedback, even after countless scathing youtube videos and reviews around the internet.

This is their choice.


This! We got the worst of both worlds. Have to go for full rng to get top version of blessings and when you unlock them it is basically meaningless. This hurts both those who like to grind and those who hate the rng system.

I can’t believe we had to wait 3 months for them to tell us they scrapped the unimplemented system that was ready in December (according to the post) to make one that is worse. The only thing I really wanted for them to do is to implement the blessing system already but no, no blessing system yet, but it will come when they are done with making the worst possible version. I mean seriously? Rant over…

This is also pretty bad. At least they could have made plasteel/diamantine scale with high/low intensity.

Changes to the store are fine I guess, at least you can get the type of weapon you want without waiting for the shop to reset.

Emperor’s gift changes sound super nice.

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Reading all these topics about Kraft and opinions… All I can say, looking at this fire, is “boom…”

Yeah I’m pretty disappointed that fuse/combine has been removed. Hopefully they can address it by expanding the “earn blessing” function to allow you to sacrifice more weapons to increase a blessing level.

I’m also curious to see if earned blessings are going to be account wide or not. If not that would somewhat hinder the want of making new characters.

I’m okay with +curio, since Emperor Gifts are going to be after every mission now I’d have a higher chance of getting better curios instead of having to waste plasteel/diamantine on upgrading and rolling trash. +ordo is a push for me, I’ve been burning through dockets buying peddler’s wares, but now it might not be worth anything.

I’ll hold my opinion on the hourly shop and RNG business until I see what they have fleshed out. Overall I agree with the sentiment that not much has changed from what they originally promised. Hopefully guaranteed Emperor Gifts will help with some of the RNG issues and gambling away crafting mats in the off-chance of the t4 blessing you want, but I can see 90-95% of the rewards becoming trash.

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Im going to sleep lol gn.

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It’s still trash. Just, a little less trash.
When you’ve got dog poop on the carpet, if you scoop away some, it doesn’t really change the situation a whole lot.

I mean, where’s my Diamantine to plasteel conversion ? Where’s the ‘Fuse’ option to increase a blessing’s quality ? Where’s the shared progression ?


Why do I have to farm this?


I really liked the post until I hit the Refine Blessing description, and I was just like “well, okay, I can see why they won’t change that, y’know maybe the locks they already implemented can’t be removed or something”. But then I hit the Re-Bless description and saw it’s doing the same thing with locks for no discernible reason. They haven’t been implemented yet. There’s no reason to start other than to just screw over the whole “giving agency to the players”-thing they kept talking about.

I mean, what the f*ck? I’ve been very optimistic that they would take the criticism on board and turn things around but this just took all the wind out of my sails. The rest is nice, sure, but locked in properties and blessings just negates it all. It doesn’t matter that it’s easier to get weapons and I get more of them now. Hell, you could make them free, but if I don’t have freedom to change them as I want it’s all for nothing. I have crafting, but only on half of my gun? Or a quarter of my curio?

Honestly, I would have been happier with a completely opposite announcement saying “nothing will change in the stores or Emperor’s Gifts but we removed all locks” and, I guess, just made an easy “take blessing from one gun and put it on other” system for blessings. Oh well.


In one word: Awful


Blessings should never be locked. Locking them is a tactic used to make you play and grind the game more and is inherently anti-customer.


Yeah after scrolling past the ‘we didn’t forsee everyone hating this as much as they do’ not-apology PR nonsense my heart sunk. Perks are still locked, one blessing will be as well, still no increase to materials earned/scrapping mats for your lotto tokens back. Just more RNG.

If anything this is just their work around to the store plug in. Now there’s no point camping it, just keep spitting out Profanes of your preferred weapon until you find one worth upgrading. Yeesh, time to leave a review finally.


Ah, so they are preventing queues! Nice!

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Literally no one except lazy players wants Fatshark to hand us all the best weapons for free.

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Who cares about shared progression.

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Disappointment and a general feeling of dissatisfaction overall.

The fact that it took them this long to release what is really a basic crafting system minus the one thing that I kind of wanted feels like a punch in the gut. Still no mention of salvaging items or reds or how much the score is going to be tweaked by relative to player’s current gear level.

This feels like a first time dev releasing into early access but this is the 3rd tide game. Infact why wasn’t this just released into early access? Atleast then you could have an excuse for just how much is missing and probably saved the launch when it comes to getting savaged in the steam reviews.

This feels like an early access game that ran out of time and money so they had to push it to a full release, this is far from a complete experience and it’s likely a lot of players will be gone for good due to how badly feedback and implementation was handled.