I was thinking of ideas

After about 300 hours of Darktide; I thought about and created a whole google docs page for how I personally would prefer the progression & crafting systems in this game to be: My List of Terrible ideas for Darktide - Google Docs
I talk about things like:

  • Being able to choose your perks & blessings
  • Then upgrading said perks & blessings to instill progression and involvement in the crafting of your items.
  • Unlocking perks & blessings at a massive cost for people trying to reach an endgame.
  • Making progression after lvl 30 more involved and interesting with having experience after Lvl30 becoming a currency.
  • Turning scriptures & grims into an exchangeable for dockets, plasteel or something called “Modifier points”
  • Modifier points used to upgrade modifier percentages of weapons to an extent

Feel free to check it out & give input; I just felt bored of playing today and thought about a bunch of “what if(s)”

Personally; I’m no fan of RNG for the endgame and progression; I’d rather work and earn my way to great items than getting lucking. I guess it can be an necessary evil at times but that’s just my take

Personally, I like the system planned, however serval points that can be a problem for me:

  • we miss a possibility to transform, our weapons green and more, in plasteel and diamantines (like 50% of the invested amount)
  • the locked perk is a problem on curios… there’s a need of a solution here
  • I miss the possibility to upgrade blessings. To get best blessing you will need to find one that is highest tier. I can understand they lock one blessing, I want a possibility to upgrade the blessing of a weapon
  • Linked to what I ve just said, I would have prefered that they kept the Fuse / Combine blessing functionality instead of that we earn a blessing that we can use perpetually
  • Nothing is said about the balance between plasteel and diamantine at higher difficulties
  • They need to remove perks totally useless : +x% experience, +x% ordos, +x% chances to get a curio
  • We don’t know when we will get the update… considering how many weapons I have that would benefit of the new system, well I want it for yesterday… please

About getting above 380 modifiers, I tend to think that we will get red weapons and that they will permit us to raise modifiers. I just hope, on this, that we won’t get a massive random system style “pray to get something decent”

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