Crafting suggestion

so i was having a thonk about the crafting system in darktide, i know, i know, just let people pick what they want and be done with it, it’s too cursed, everyone hates bricking, ect.
but i like things to have a little interaction to them and maybe suggesting something less straightforward will be more likely to get results that are at a minimum less painful, if not optimal.
i am nothing if not amenable to compromise.

so what i was thinking was: add in a weapon leveling system alongside what we already have. so you take your grey weapon out into the field, and after 250 kills or so, the weapon improves to green, and at the end of the mission you get the choice of 3 or 4 perks to slap on there, another 500 kills or so and your weapon goes blue and you get your choice of 3 blessings, 750 another perk, 1000 another blessing.
and then on top of that you can still change out 2 like we already have.
the point is that while slower, you’re way, way less likely to brick this way, especially with weapons that only have like 4 blessings lol. and iono, leveling stuff up really pleases a lot of people lol.
or you can just take your chances at the hadron casino, which is fast and expensive and risky.

as another alternative but similar idea, how about if you pick what you want on your weapon at the start, both perks and both blessings, pay some plasteel and diamantine and dockets, and the game generates some hoops to jump through, little missions for you to accomplish with that weapon for those options to be granted.


I love the idea of leveling up a weapon (with the right amount of friction!) to then be able to shape it without constraints!

Very cool! Thanks for sharing!


That sounds like RNG.

I will take hoop-jumping any day over any amount of RNG.

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