Constructive suggestions about crafting system

Hi folks, glory to the Emperor God, Chuck Norris and the Monthy Pythons.

First time I write on Fatshark forums since Vermintide 1.

I never stopped freaking living-loving-playing their games, including of course this one, altough i’ve been pretty frustrated by recent announcements about Darktide’s peripheral features, so I won’t repeat what everyone has already spoken about.

I have followed forum’s threads every day for several months and, in my opinion, decisions seems to have been made, no matter what we say.
For what it worth, I have some humble suggestions to improve this crafting system we’ll have to live with (among all other problems, I’m fully aware of that) , unless the Emperor God himself takes the studio’s lead by whispering his will to the devs. I’ll won’t bet on that tough.

Historically, pure RNG based rewarding systems were a sucessfull core feature in other kind of games I love, like Diablo or Borderlands especially.

So, Why did it work ? Statistics : even if you have extremely low chances to drop the gear you burn to acquire, it’s compensated by the number of trials, meaning the huge amount of times you “flip the coin”. In Borderlands, you have Selling machines and loot boxers at every corner including a special “Melk product” in each. Every enemy you kill, every Squirel you beat up, every pile of junk you kick is likely to give you a gun. So you don’t care if your loot is crap, 'cause you don’t have to wait to retry !

Games like this are giant casinos where you can never loose forever.

In comparison in Darktide, you have single shots.

You got my point : although i’m convinced the studio will improve the situation by working on patchs and adjustments, I don’t think, like a possibly non negligeable part of remaining players that this measures will be enough. At all.

I don’t start a revolution, and I don’t want devs to break up what they worked for.

Just asking for A LOT MORE ways to "flip the coin"to make this system work. If we are as stuck with it as I am with this damned perk on my gun, please:

  • Increase as hell the shop’s refresh rate with the new system incoming, or unless give the player the chance to manually refesh several times the bunch of randomly generated equipment. Maybe a good performance at last succeeded mission could unlock trials per hour in that way ?

  • Increase as much the number of post mission loot by any means, give a FULL BATCH of stuff instead of a single one after an exhausting high intensity mission.

  • On the actual missing scoreboard at the moment : Valorize COOPERATIVE SKILLS giving special rewards or better quality guns at players who are tagged as “best defender” or by keep staying near the group during all the run.

That’s all folks. Peace.

Just kidding : War, Death and Desolation instead

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I would say that it needs to be reworked completely. Right now it’s in this halfway limbo state. There aren’t enough drops to make the weapon progression work. And the crafting is just a band aid on the larger problem.

You used BL2 and Diablo as an example. In those games yes there is a lot more loot so the potential to get something better is much higher. Also in those games once you hit a threshold of level and possible item rating, that’ll be the baseline for what you find next time something drops. Sure there might be a variance of 1 or 2 levels but that’s okay. Here you can be max level, have a 370 weapon and your rewards and shop selection (both Melk and Peddler) are all at the 320 mark. That’s quite a difference. If I have a 350 equipped and my rewards and shop items are all consistently around that range maybe dip from 330 to 370. Not 340 highest and 280 lowest.

In short they need to decide either to make weapon progression static with upgrading and crafting or increase the loot drop rate by a lot. Not this half and half. Because it’s not the best of both, it’s the worst of both that are happening now.

(Teal’C) Indeed : even in Borderlands and Diablo, with an insane rate of drop, you can’t loot stuff far below your level, which happens almost every time in Darktide. Chaotic stats distribution causes Dartide’s gear to be mostly unusable, decent at best. Targeting a restricted range of stats considering our actual level could be a step in the right direction ?

If DT had a system in place where the highest item in your inventory or equipped (which wouldn’t matter really since equipping it is a small task) was the baseline for items with some variance that would be good. It means that when you’ve leveled and done difficult missions for you (not necessarily the actual difficulty) you get rewarded with slightly better gear and you move up the pole. Yeah people will argue that chasing the magic 380 number is meaningless. But if you’ve played a character for several hundreds of hours and your reward is constantly weapons and curios you would only midway during leveling then what’s the point.

The grey weapon acquisition that’s planned won’t solve anything unless the weapons it gives falls within certain margins of already obtained gear. Unless they tighten the range somewhere between 20 under and over current highest weapon, instead of range 280 to 380 with heavy weight sub 330.

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