New crafting system

I can accept the system you released with patch 4 with one exception: You should be able to upgrade the locked in blessing.

It is to much grinding for gear as it is. Tried buying the MK V Combat Ax yesterday and spent around 200-250k in the shop. Got two (!!) weapons that were >350 (359 and 361). Average rating was about only 320!
This is not sustainable with all the other RNG elements involved before you can get a good weapon. Personally I would not even bother with a weapon below 365-370. The only thing the lower rated ones will be usefull for is for trying to RNG some better blessings that can then be earnt.

I would suggest lowering the cost of the weapons and make it so you can re-bless a locked in blessing to ha higher tier as you earn them. Make it costly, but make it possible please.

Why did you redo the layout of refining items? The previous one was fine, now you made it more irritating to use since it’s not possible to just click to refine but have to move the mouse as well. Sometimes it takes 50 or so re-rolls to get a good perk.

I would like to end with saying you are doing a good job with these last few patches keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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I would agree on this, as I would love it. Not sure FS will accept it, but it is not a proposition that goes against the system.
Must say it… I would be happy they let us do it.

Sadly this is the best we will get. We were promised more freedom and less RNG after Vermintide 2 feedback. Darktide marketing promised one thing…but clearly the game designers believe RNG acts as content.

Is it more freedom? Yes? Is it enough? Depends who you ask, but I believe I rather have full control over weapon upgrades and mods. Perks and blessings should be balanced in a way, you have more options for optimal builds. This way you will want more weapon sets, instead of wasting time in Fatshark casino, so you can roll by pure luck that one/two good combos.

I agree… just remove the locks and that would solve so much.

I wonder if they made the refining changes because people were using auto clickers. Got some disturbing data. (A curio with an existing T4 perk was 5 times less likely to roll another T4 perk). 5000 clicks was an upper limit.